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5 Food of Comfort!


Food is an eternal love! It never breaks up with you. You love it like a love song and hate it like you love it. I do not know one single person who is NOT a food person! Right from the fatties to the skinnies– food is a favorite! Sometimes, I think Food must feel very special indeed. So many people in love with it. Food helps us in times of need and sorrow as well. It is there to help us celebrate our happiness too. Food is our fuel. We are lifeless without food in our system. Food is important as it carries out so many functions. Today, people are into healthy eating, trying to be fit and active. But, even then, there are times when you just can’t do without that one food item that you love! So, what are the top 5 comfort food, you ask?

I would begin by saying, to each his own. For example, my mother never binge eats. Her idea of comfort food is water melon or sometimes, dark chocolate. Strange, right? When I have a bad day, I binge eat so much! My room smells of ice cream, soda and pizza! Food is delicious and I would like to take a moment to thanks all the chefs in the world who are reading this article! You are all amazing.

Food is a beautiful creation. It comforts us and celebrates with us. Food is an essential part of everyone’s life. Today, we have so many different options, right? Fro-yo, Gelato, cupcakes, cakes, truffles, shakes, sandwiches, subs, tortillas, mousses, cheesecakes, and so on. I mean, I can’t even compile everything even in my mind. So, it is pretty reasonable to expect you guys to have a go-to food item for times when you are really upset or just having a lazy day in bed. Here is a list of 5 comfort foods that I swear by!

1) Ice cream!

Ice cream is like my best friend. It makes us all feel much better. The sugar lends us some energy. It also tastes great! Today, it comes in so many amazing flavors like candy floss, dark chocolate, pistachio, fruit and nut and so on. Imagine curling up in your bed with a big bowl of ice cream and your favorite movie! Does it not sound amazing? Ice cream is naturally a feel-good food. You can even make it at home! All you need is a good recipe for the flavor you want and cooking is therapeutic as well.

2) Anything Chocolate!

I know this world is full of chocolate lovers. I am not a really big fan of chocolate but I do love the occasional chocolate cake! Chocolate can be used in so many forms. There is also milk chocolate and white chocolate. Tampering with chocolate is fun too! You can make so many things out of chocolate! Chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, chocolate cup cakes, chocolate truffles, chocolate based desserts! White chocolate is amazing to work with as well. You could have add chocolate chips to, say, vanilla ice cream. You could have a chocolate milk shake too!

3) Pizza!

The greatest invention by the Italians, I would say! Remember the cheesy layers? Remember the crusty layer? Pizzas teamed up with garlic bread are so tasty that they blow my mind every time I have it. My most favorite kind of food!! The world loves a good pizza! It is the perfect comfort food, I would say. That too only a 30 minute delivery time away! Pizzas stir the taste buds to such an extent that it helps us lift our spirits in general as well.

4) Pasta/ Noodles!

I am a fan of Italian food so, I will add this to the list as well. I use pasta at the same level as noodles (Chinese). Both taste good. Chili makes us energetic. They both stir the stomach juices well. Easy to make at home too! Both can be easily ordered as well. You can spend your day in the bed having a cup of noodles or a bowl of pasta. Both the food items have a lot of variety. You can easily alter according to your taste and style.

5) Potato Chips!

The ultimate comfort food! Easy access. Hanging out with the friend? Potato chips are there for you. Feeling low? Potato chips to the rescue! They come in so many different flavors now! So many different types. It may not be fat free but, it tastes amazing.

So, here is a list of my favorite comfort food. I hope you guys do try this out next time you’re in need of some comfort food. Food can be appreciated in so many different ways. Do not neglect food or take it for granted, ever! World hunger problem is not a myth, you know?

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