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5 exercises to get you in shape



Visceral fat or commonly called belly fat sits at odd organs of our body. It is a challenge for most of us to reduce that fat so that we look good in the dresses and the saris. The tricky thing is that you cannot reduce the belly fat based on the spot reduction. The other parts of your body will also face the tribunals. If you are eating in moderation and doing the required exercises, but you are not getting adequate sleep. This will lead to the production of cortisol hormone, telling your body to store fat in the mid rib section. We all want a toned and flat stomach. Relying only on the crunches can get your nowhere. There is a combination of routines and workouts to get you into that bikini body. Undoubtedly, belly fat does not look pleasing aesthetically; it can also result in long term health effects. If you are determined enough to reduce your body fat then there are some sacrifices to be made. Be patient and wait for the first two weeks to get the desired results. Read on about some exercises that will help you get into that mini black dress.

  1. Running/walking


These are the best fat-burning exercises. If you have breathing problems then you can walk and jog. All you need is a good pair of running shoes. Before you start to run, warm up. Stretch your body sideways and get yourself geared up. Take your smart phone if you wish to note down the calories burned. Run alone because you will have a different pace than your running mates. Do not forget to cool down after you have run to your stretch. Popular researchers conclude that jogging is better in reducing fat as compared to the weightlifting. This is a type of aerobics which not only reduces fat and helps you to stay fir. It also helps to reduce tension and maintains your metabolic rate. Do not get your body used to a particular type of fitness regime. Try running at times. It will keep your heart rate up and burn down the excess calories.

  1. Crunches


If you want the results real quick and fast, then crunches are the most preferred. You practically require nothing for them. Lie down flat on a mat with your knees bend. You can bring your legs to a 90 degree position. Lift your hands and place them behind your head. You can also keep your hands on the chest. Inhale a deep breath and exhale as you lift up your torso. While you lift up your torso, maintain a 30 to 40 degree angle with the ground. As you go down, inhale again and then repeat this for about 10 times if you are a beginner. While lifting up, you must feel the pressure on your abdominal muscles. If you are a pro in doing the crunches, then try the modified versions. Twist and side crunches are some more effective belly reducing exercises.

Twist crunch


Lie down on the ground in the same position as doing crunches. Lift your right shoulder towards the left and alternatively your left shoulder towards the right, keeping the other one on the ground. Repeat for about 10 times.

Side crunch


Tilt your legs along with the shoulders as you would be doing in twist crunch. This exercise focuses more on the sides of your abdomen.

  1. Cycling

bicycle crunches june 10

If you have a cycle then nothing can beat you up. Cycling is a fully fledged exercise which tones down your belly fat as well as your thighs. But do not worry if you cannot ride a bicycle. Here is how you will do this.

Lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head. Bend your knees. You will have to be in the same position as that while doing crunches. Bring your right knee close to your chest without lifting up your left knee. Alternatively repeat with the other knee. It would look as if you are paddling a bicycle.

  1. Side to side

Stand up and get ready to do some very simple exercise. Rise up your hands above the head in a Namaste position. Bend to one side till you feel a strain in your abdomen. Stay in that strenuous position for about 15 seconds. Now come back to the original position. Repeat the same to the other side. For beginners staying for about 15 seconds will do the trick. You can increase this up to 30 seconds after having done this exercise for a week.

  1. Swimming

lake swimming

Swimming is considered to be the king of all exercises and it tones down your entire body. Yes you read it right! While swimming, you will get a mix of all, cardio, weight loss and body toning. Start with swimming for about once or twice in a week. Use strokes that are strenuous and in an up-tempo manner. Learn swimming from a good instructor. This is one exercise you will never regret having learnt. There may be some initial problems but if you are using the precautions and training under a good guide, then you will love to do this exercise. You can see the result within a week or so.

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