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5 Characters that make Supernatural, “SUPERNATURAL”


Television soap operas have been a regular part of people’s life since very much the beginning of the TV. Many great soap operas came through, Such as Mad about You, Fraiser, Friends, M*A*S*H, Seinfeld, each portraying different themes. One of such soap operas came knocking our TV sets in the fall of 2005, Supernatural, created by Eric Kripke. What started out as a Family business of two brothers, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester, which was to hunt down evil things and cut their heads off, turned out to be a lot more than that. It showed us how only two brothers, with nothing but just with each other could turn the past, present and future. They faced the worst fear and even went to hell for each other, had their disagreements, but taught us always that the family is the most important thing in this world. It also follows the story of a fallen angel, i.e. Castiel, King of hell, i.e. Crowley and an Ex blood junkie, i.e. Bobby Singer who always try to meddle by helping or distracting them. However, I am here presenting you these five characters and their individual awesomeness that made this show standout:

1. Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles)

Dean Winchester

Probably the central character of this show, Jensen Ackles has given everything to this role for past 9 years and still amazingly continues to do so, leaving the fans in a state of complete Aw. He has truly justified this role with impeccable dialogues and emotions. Being a good son and just doing one thing that his dad asked him to do whole life, “watching out for little Sammy”. Playing role of a big brother who often confuses with what’s right and fear of losing Sam, he has nailed it every time, specially on finales. Being one of the few characters who provides humor, he is he one definitely to watch out for.

2. Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki)

sam winchester

Little Sam, who is often wayward between fighting who he is and what situations have compelled him to become, is a complex character, who is played by Jared Padalecki. Often being the target of Dean’s mocking jokes and funny comments, he has a fear of clowns always has been undermined for most of his life. Trying to become like his brother, but having trouble staying inside the rule book has been the main character line of Sam Winchester. In spite of being a hunter, he searches for a normal life, which may be a foolish thing to a lot of fans, I find it encouraging. He is the tallest of all the cast members.

3. Castiel (played by Misha Collins)


Castiel or Castiello or now called Cass, an angel of the lord was a guest star on this show in season 4 and season 5. But due to his extra ordinary dialogue delivery and pure charm, he has been promoted to a regular since Season 6, and has 100% lived up to the expectations. Sharing a profound bond with Dean, he often considers himself as a guardian of Winchester brothers. Still a child at his heart, his character’s simpleton and lack of human knowledge has been used by the director’s as a source of humor in the show. He makes mistakes in virtually every season and ends up amending them. Since his first appearance in Season 4, he has been shown mostly in the same clothes, i.e. a grey trench coat.

4. Crowley (played by Mark Shepherd)


Crowley, or the king of hell, played by Mark Shephard, was also one of the guest stars, later promoted as a regular cast member. The only cast member to have a British accent, he follows a long love/hate relationship with the Winchester brothers, throughout the series. He often refers Sam and Dean as moose and Squirrel and has been a source of humor for the creators of a show. Same as Castiel, he has been shown wearing same clothes since the beginning of his appearance in season 5, a black suit and a black overcoat. His colorful conversations with Sam and Dean, Castiel and other demons are often some of the off story eye catchers.

5. Bobby Singer (played by Jim Beaver)


Another one of the guest star in the line of cast members, he was just asked to appear in one or two episodes of first season. But later, after judging his talent, the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, decided to promote him as a regular character. Always acting as a third wheel to Sam and Dean and their “Saving the world’s problems”, Jim Beaver was a very successful character that shaped the storyline of supernatural. Bobby Singer always had answers to all the problems and queries of Sam and Dean and always came through for them. Even his death in the middle of 7th season, ended up telling a big secret to Winchester brothers. A friend of their dad, Bobby Singer’s role was a very impressive in the story line of Season 5.

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