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5 Breakup excuses to avoid


In this strange world we live in, there are often several charismatic instance where we find people awkward. Weird, in their best cases. But most of all, I find the whole idea of Relationships bizzare.

There, I said it. They are creepy and carry a strong aroma of discomfort with themselves. And what makes this a little more off the cliff is the culmination of one. The heart-breaking tale of two people who fell in love with butterflies in their stomach, and some urges down under leading to an inconsistent couple, and then the fluttering break-up.

God! I need a break, already.

Have you ever thought of the ideas, and the stunts people pull up for breaking up with their not-so-better spouses in the meantime just because they couldn’t think of a better plan. Alas, this is some right down bullshit all the way in perpetual intercourse. And sometimes it goes so obnoxious, that we even start to wonder: where did the thinking cat wandered off to?

We love to fall in and fall out, it’s just human nature. People can’t help with it. It just comes natural with their unique quirkiness all way round making up the things with the originality context, that no one will catch up something coming. And well, what was the last time you end up your relationship with pride in your spine? Guessed so.

As said, people fall in and fall out. There’s no big deal or hush about it. There’s no denying the face that sometimes relationships don’t work out. There might be a lot of ideas, and opinions lurking about the same, yet it’s true on its face. Breakups happens, and the best thing to do about is to deal with it in a proper manner with some grace and dignity in hand. In case you forgot, your ex was the “one” before you thought it wasn’t working anymore. So, it’s always a good advice to avoid the uncanny awkwardness that accompanies the lines like, “it’s not you it’s me”.

Here is a compilation of responses you should try avoiding in the break-up scene. They might be flattering in the head, but I think your mind very well has the idea what scene it’s about. Take a read to the list:

I don’t think it’s working anymore!

You think? And while you were succumbing the idea of delivering the line to the person in your head right now, it never came to your mind how obligatory horrendous that sounds. I mean, you thought and this was the best you could come up with. And we can see right there, why it was not going to work anymore.


It’s that I’m not up for anything serious right now

Is that something you want to wake up to? And worst evenly, after an exemplary example when you were just lingering over the idea of her presence making your life delightful in ways more than one that you’re having under the sheets. It’s not even a breakup if it’s not serious; and you are off with it already. Bravo! (In case you’re the one on receiver’s side, we feel sorry for you bro. We hope you have a great and delightful fourth date)


Sorry to break it like this, but I’m still in love with someone else

Very well, now that you are considering the idea of breaking the ice with someone else, most preferably with your ex; as can be taken up by your context. How you started thinking about that someone else again, was it some tweet stating they were moving on, or was a personal touch? A much as we admire the idea of moving on by getting under someone else’s pants; but after some month long endeavour and a couple full of dates; this sudden outrage is bullshit.


I need some space

Well bitch, right there is some damn fortune you’re talking about. Have you lost it, dreaming of Kalpana Chawla and coming up with these well-versed demands?

Jokes and hoes apart, if you are still wondering what the hell that evens mean in their context of having some self-time, then we might offer a little helping hand. Not that we know of that for sure, but if she wants some space to do her own time, that certainly mean that I would rather live a life in drool of lonesome nights than having to spent another second with you. Ha, right there.


You’re a good guy/girl. You will find someone better for sure

Same shit, different day. So they say, and it’s mostly likely you had used it in a certain phase of life. Well, it’s downright some motivational depressing thing to say to someone. It might be rightly slipped out of your tongue; chase it; make it flew in thin air. Avoid it for the best of reasons. We are telling, you don’t want to go there.


All and all, life is a weird shit. And maybe you’re down and feeling that certain relationship is sucking up everything apart from the things you fantasize to, maybe something like “ I know you have the idea what I’m going to talk about, but cutting down the chase I would just like to mention that you’re not what I’m looking for. And it might be late, but better late than never. And if anytime in life, If I feel like I had took a wrong turn here- I promise I will give you a call” will do.

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