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Being a girl, I sometimes think that what I lack in the world that I’m always seen as an inferior part of society. I never wished for the post or the designation superior to the men but I surely want equality and equal opportunity in the world, no matter what change is needed for it. India is not the only country, which suffers from this disease of inequality and suppression of women. Even the western society underwent this problem of unequal rights and oppression.


This situation led the rise of Feminism all over the world. Charles Fourier, a utopian socialist and French Philosopher, is credited with having coined the word “Feminism” in 1837. Feminism is basically a movement, which arises for the rise of equality of rights among men and women. Interestingly Feminism never demanded more rights or preferences to women, it always asks for the equality and liberty of women, which the men enjoy. Now a day, we hear a lot of incidences, which occur against the women and this is the moment at which we have two options, one, we can read that news and think for a while then over it and the second one, we read the news, we think for a while and then we again think on the issue of its solution i.e., how can we get over reading this news. And for resolving it, we need some knowledge, which we can gain from worldwide affairs and recognized books by the renowned writers especially the feminist one.

So, here are some recommended feminist books which everyone should read to know more and more about the women’s problems and issues.

The Beauty Myth: How Images Of Beauty Are Used Against Women

This is a non-fiction work of Naomi Wolf written in English and published in 1990 for the first time. This book talks about how the normative definition of beauty has adhered women to be confined to the realm of “beauty” of standard set by the society. The author speaks about how the women have been assaulted in five prominent areas, which are work, religion, violence and hunger. After reading this book, one can easily undergo the feelings, which a dusky or black woman faces due to their bucking of the definition of beauty given by the society.


The Rover

If one is interested in reading core literature, then this book by Aphra Behn is very apt and Interesting for them. Written in 1677, the Restoration Age of English Literature, this play talks about how the commodification of women is done in the society. They are termed either as a virgin, pure women or the Wench or Whore. Objectification of Women has been shown in this play by this first female playwright who was criticized to a great extent in that male dominated society of England. This is the first play in the history of English Writing, which shows the difference between the living standards of men and women so frankly, and broadly without hiding any issues.

the rover pell mell

The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession With Virginity Is hurting Young Women

Jessica Valenti, an American writer talks about the myth of purity that has been spread by the people about the ‘virginity’. According to the writer, it is one’s own wish whether she will remain virgin and no one has right to pressurize the women to remain chaste or “pure”. This book will surely break one’s notion about the “pure women” and the power of chastity and virginity.

the purity myth

Chokher Bali

Not only the women are the one who can spark the feminism but also there are the eminent writers like Shri Rabindranath Tagore who by his works has shown the stout face of women and their power even as a widow. This is the non-fictional work of Tagore originally written in Bengali. This novel is the story of two friends who confront a very difficult situation but overcome it with their understanding and intelligence.


So, this is the list of five books (fictional as well as non-fictional), which one should read to know the various faces of women all over the world and how they manage to overcome it. In fact, the non-fictional works mentioned above also talks about the present scenario that a woman has to go through for gaining equality and position among the patriarchal society. So, enjoy this read and please go through these books if you want to do something major in the field of Feminism or even if you are interested in the knowledge of the vivid faces of women and their surrounding environment.

Happy Reading.



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  1. Yeah…!!
    I too personally believe that the notion of beauty has been imposed on female gender by the male dominated society to suppress them . Also , not only Indian society or Muslim countries have barred women to get equal rights in history , but also the so-called modern European countries did not give them much freedom .
    Thanks to your 2nd book , I came to know the difference between sex and gender .

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