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5 best tips for people with oily skin


I’ve personally never been the kind of person who’d go visit a dermatologist every time I had an acne breakout on my face. I’m not very fond of doctors If you ask me, so I like to keep doing something or the other on my own to fix my skin each time I see an eruption on it, and believe me I’m very conscious of my skin and I love taking care of it. But too many chemicals and so many dermatologist appointments seem like too much of a waste of time to me for that. Anything that can be fixed using a natural remedy should be fixed with that itself. I have a mildly oily skin, which tends to go dry if I use too many chemicals on it so it took me a while to figure out the exact skin treatment regime I need to follow but there have been these really easy to make at home or even find from your nearest drugstore which involve minimal chemical interference with your face and I’ve followed them for quite a while. These are specifically useful for summers because winters are relatively easier on the skin. No sweating, hence less oil production and supple skin. But here are some tips for all you people with an oily skin type to avoid acne breakout this summer.


  1. Aloevera Gel:

It’s number one on my list of natural skin remedies because it’s just the best. It calms your skin down, keeps the pores shut and dries out the excess oil in no time. Aloe vera creams on the other hand are not equally useful, and even the gel should either be pure, that is taken from an aloevera plant itself or you should take recommendations from the guy at the drugstore. I’ve been using Green Leaf for a while and it’s working for me. The one you get at the drugstore may not be pure but this one works well and blends with the skin especially if your skin is really oily. Applying it one in a day is enough, possibly before sleeping in the night. Or you could wear it beneath the layer of your sun block too, that’ll prevent acne to quite an extent and even cure the one you have already.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.49.23 PM

  1. Lacto calamine for oily skin:

I don’t know if you’ve used this before but I use it every day and it’s a miracle worker. It’ll keep your skin just reasonably dry, without even overdoing the dry. You can use it directly after washing your face instead of the moisturizer. Your skin is pretty oily anyway so you should avoid moisturising your face, and Lacto Calamine is a wonderful substitute. It feels pretty good on the skin and you can use it before you put any makeup on your skin too so it’s got twin benefits there. My skin regime is usually putting a layer of aloe vera gel on my skin right after washing my face and a layer of lacto calamine 10 minutes after that.

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  1. Covering your face in dust:

This’ll sound like a really stupid tip but it’s great and it really works. Every time you step out of the house in the heat you must cover your face to protect it from the pollution and the dust especially if you have oily skin because all this dust and pollution is going to get into your skin pores and cause breakouts. Something as simple as carrying a scarf and covering your face with it can really help prevent these breakouts because the lesser your skin is exposed to dirt, lesser the risk of damage.


  1. Do not wash your face too often:

I know you’ll be told this a lot that you need to keep washing your face from time to time but overuse of chemicals on your skin can cause a lot of dryness and itchiness. Wash it 2-3 times a day but not more than that because it’s going to make your skin dull and lifeless. 2-3 times is good enough to keep your skin sufficiently clean and clear of dead skin cells. If you plan to wash it more often and then use a very mild cleanser instead to keep your skin healthy.

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  1. Avoid constantly touching your face:

I know acne is annoying and every time you have a pimple to feel like bursting it right away but you can’t actually do that because it’s going to leave a scar on your face which is even harder to get rid of than the pimple. Acne marks are quite often permanent and difficult to get rid of so you should really let them be. Any quick remedies for removing these pimples will often lead to these acne scars and which will permanently ruin your face’s glow. So be patient and let your skin heal. Also take a good night’s sleep for about 8 hours at least and drink lots of water, it’ll significantly improve your skin.


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