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5 Bed Time Stories That Work Like Magic!


I always live by this rule of loving books till the day I die. Books are a man’s best friend. They accompany you and tell you so many things without expecting anything in return. Books are selfless. Books have those characteristics that people today lack. Books have character and warmth. I could go on and on about how books are just so perfect and amazing. But, lets reserve that topic for some other time. This article deals with stories for children at bed time that make them sleep a sweet, sweet sleep.

Kids are so cute! Do they not deserve cute stories as well? I think that fairy tales are a perfect end to a child’s day. Don’t you? Children are God’s gift and they deserve to sleep thinking of pretty figures like fairies and princes. I strongly feel that fairy tales are for everybody! No age barrier. There are days when I read the Grimm’s fairy tales like a 4 year old! These stories always bring a smile on my face. Fairy tales also bring the parents closer to the kids. I remember when I was small, my mother would read me fairy tales and I would just snuggle in my blanket, clutching my mother with my eyes closed. Those were the nights I miss. Now, life is so mundane that I actually look back at those memories fondly.

So, coming back to bed time stories! Bed time stories never fail to grasp a child’s attention. They help in improving the level of creativity in a child. Stories give imagination wings, and such beautiful wings! I urge all the parents reading this to please start reading bed time stories to their kids. These memories, I am sure, they would cherish forever. Without any further ado, here is a list 5 bed time stories that work like magic!

1) The Secret Island

This is my personal favorite. It is a a story about a bunch of kids and how they all run away from tyrant relatives and start living on a secret island. The story develops slowly. The children learn to be responsible and manage living happily. They start weaving baskets and sell them off so they could buy the supplies that they need from the nearest market. They end up meeting their parents, who were thought to have died in a plane crash. The story ends on a Christmas night with a happy note.

2) St. Clare’s

It is actually a proper series to read. This is amazing for little girls. The books deal with the various adventures that the twin sisters have in their new boarding school and how they adapt with time and turn out to be responsible young women with friends that last a lifetime. The entire series is filled with various pranks that the kids play on the teachers, midnight feasts and the like.

3) The Malory Towers

Another amazing book series that can be read as a bed time story. Well, actually this is possible only when you actually have the story memorized. The story is about a young girl, Darrell Rivers, and her time at a boarding school. As the story develops, she learns to control her anger issues, make a lot of friends and learn how to be responsible. At the end of her school life, Darrell is bound for the University of St Andrews with her best friend Sally Hope. She charges her younger sister Felicity to uphold the standard that she and her classmates set.

4) The Famous Five

Another amazing series by Enid Blyton. She just keeps living on in our hearts, does she not? The series is full of mysteries and adventures that the whole gang undertakes when they all come back from their boarding schools. There are a total of 21 books in this series. The series sold like hot cakes and even after years, it still continues to be one of those stories that are loved by both young boys and girls.

5) Five Find outers

A bunch of 5 kids who solve mysteries. The series is entertaining with the policeman Mr. Goon, who always tries to spoil their investigations in the hope of solving everything himself and getting all the attention. The entire series is fun and makes for good reading for children as well. These are the books me and my siblings grew up reading. I can vouch for their brilliance. They are such kid friendly books.

Books do not deserve a price tag because they are priceless. All the wealth in the world will not be enough when you see your child smile. These books are powerful. They have so much heart in them. Stories that children should hear! There is obviously something about all these books mentioned above that even after so many years, you still find a copy in every book store! Just something to ponder over. Happy Reading and Story Telling.

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