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5 back To College Ideas!


For many of us, college is just around the corner. Some of us have just entered the college life and I would like to wish all of them the best! College life is fun when you know how to balance that with your work. So, you have got your hair cut properly, thought about what your first day or first day back is going to be like. You want to be perfect, look amazing and feel awesome, do you not? Well, it may seem effortless but, to maintain that idea of your first day (and the days that follow) you need to work really hard on yourself. College life is a continuous ride of fun and work. The work is never ending, and if played right, the fun is never ending as well. Do not take yourself too seriously in college. You will be among young, bright people, who will have the same expectations about college life as you.

So, I think, one of the most welcomed things about going a college is that part where you no longer have a uniform (or only on certain days! Professional college, eh?) I am sure you are all excited to have stepped out of your school life (the uniform part!) College is a lot different from college. School is fun but, college is supposed to be the best time of your life. No pressure! So, for all the girls particularly, who have been browsing YouTube videos ever since they knew which college they are going to join, this article is for them! Also, it is for those girls who want to make some little changes and improve themselves.

We all want to look amazing and really pretty and smart when we enter our college life, right? So, we shop for an entire new wardrobe, try to fix our skin, learn how to apply a little make up, in the hope that we will completely transform ourselves and impress everyone we lay our eyes on. That is very tough job unless you are naturally pretty! Looking good is a 24/7 job. So, here are 5 tips or ideas that I wanted to furnish you with. I hope they help you transform yourself and make you feel ‘beauty’ ready for college!

1) Braids!

Braids are in! They look beautiful and are very helpful in keeping your hair away from your face and neck in this dreadful summer heat. Braids are of many kinds. My favorite ones would include a fishtail, a 4-strand braid and a 5-strand braid. French braids can be done in a lot of different ways as well. Braids also help you look chic and smart. They can also make you look really feminine and pretty. You can find a lot of videos on back to college hairstyles. I suggest you take up hairstyles that focus on a braid or an updo.

2) Wardrobe Magic!

Dress to kill. I want to clarify, that even in college, wearing revealing clothes is in no way appealing. Dress sensibly. Your wardrobe must have floral, print, cotton, sheer, lace and the basic- black and white. Your clothes should be of good quality. Please buy clothes that flatter your body type. Do not follow the fashion trend blindly. Create your own style and wear cuts that suit you.

3) Make Up Minimalism!

Yes, I get it. You are excited that you can finally wear make up. As far as I know, schools normally have strict rules against wearing make up. So, you must be excited about this! In your college life, you do not need to come across as someone who puts on a lot of make up. You should look natural. Even when you apply make up, YOU SHOULD LOOK NATURAL. So, abiding by this rule, there are a few things that you could do. Use a concealer to hide the marks on your skin and make it look even. Go for a natural shade. Concealing does not mean brightening your face. It means evening your skin. Use kohl to line your eyes. For your lips, you could use a soft pink lipstick or a lip balm (Recommended: Maybelline Baby Lips).

4) Shoe Alert!

Avoid wearing heels! In your college, you will have to walk a lot. Wearing heels would make you very tired and cause your feet, legs, and back to ache. Go for trendy shoes! Buy 2 pairs of flats, maybe oxford shoes, open sandals and wedges. Increase your shoe collection slowly. Go for styles that you feel will remain in style for a long time. Do not buy all shoes in the same color. Instead, have a black and a tan pair of shoes. These neutral colors work wonders.

5) Body Issues!

Lose a little weight. Become fight. Make exercising a part of your life. Tone yourself up. Exercising also brings a healthy glow on your face. You could go to the gym or go running or take up an unusual way of exercising like joining a dance class. You could also embrace yoga!

College is fun! you just have to let yourself go a bit and be nice and friendly. I hope you all have a really good first day back to college!

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