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40 Surprising Facts About Your Body



We are constantly rediscovering things about the world and people around use. Astronomers have discovered how planets and solar systems form. Geologists have discovered how volcanoes work. Historians have figured out how human civilization has proliferated. But how much do we know about our own body? How do we function? How does our body grow and sustain itself? Here are some utterly surprising facts about our body that you did not know:

  1. Your body can sustain itself without a large number of your organs. You can live without your spleen, seventy five percent of your liver, one of your kidneys, one of your lungs, eighty percent of your intestines, and even your stomach. Of course you would not be perfectly healthy with the ability to laugh and play around, but you will live which is a huge feat in such situation.
  2. The egg, present in females, is the largest cell in the human body. In fact, it so big that you can see it with your eyes without the help of microscopes or any such magnifying instrument.
  3. Your tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.
  4. A fully grown human being has 60 bones less than a human baby.
  5. If you stretch out all the blood vessels present in a human body, one after the other, they will be 100,000 miles long.
  6. The amount of salive you produce in a lifetime can fill two good-sized swimming pools (approximately 25 thousand quarts).
  7. Nerve impulses, that give signals to your brain from the organs and vice-versa, travel at an average speed of 170 miles per hour.
  8. Studies have shown that those who have higher IQs dream more, although you may not remember most or any of your dreams.
  9. Men’s hair is two times thicker than a women’s hair. This explains why men’s hair feels coarser than a women’s hair.
  10. It is virtually impossible to destroy human hair, with the exception of burning it. Hair degrades really slowly under natural conditions. That’s the reason why you see hair everywhere.
  11. The acid produced in your stomach to digest food is strong that it can dissolve razorblades. The acid is hydrochloric acid.
  12. The surface area in your lung is about as much as a tennis court. This allows it to contact air and absorb oxygen more efficiently. Smoking affects this by clogging much of the lung area with tar and other waste.
  13. Your liver has about 500 different functions making it a very prolific organ. It produces bile, decomposes red blood cells, makes plasma protein and detoxifies your blood.
  14. To allow space for your heart, your left lung is lesser in size than your right lung. Although the difference is not all that discernible since the heart is pretty much at the centre.
  15. When you sneeze, you blow air at the rate of 100 miles per hour. The power is so intense that it does not allow you to keep your eyes open.
  16. Men blink only half as much as women do.
  17. A full bladder can hold from 400 to 800 milli litres of water. Although you feel the need to visit the restroom even when it is half full or even lesser.
  18. On an average, you pass gas fourteen times in a day. A fact that some people rarely admit to.
  19. The smallest cell in the human body is the male sperm.
  20. Your teeth start to grow when you are still inside your mother’s womb. They start growing 6 months before a child is delivered.
  21. You were born with blue eyes and in sometime your genes kicked in to produce a pigment (melanin) that changed it to the present colour.
  22. Your hearing is not as sharp as usual after eating a big meal.
  23. Only about 33 % of the human race has perfect vision, a perfect 20-20.
  24. Women identify scents much better than men. They are born with this power and retain this all through their lifetime.
  25. Identical twins smell the same. Everyone else has a different and unique smell.
  26. By the time you are sixty years old, you will have lost half your taste sensors.
  27. Your ears and nose grow throughout your life.
  28. Your eyes have been the same size since the day you were born.
  29. If you collect all the iron inside your body, you can make a 3 inch iron nail.
  30. Excessive body hair is related to higher intelligence.
  31. Just like finger prints, our tongue prints are also unique.
  32. When you are up and working, your brain generates enough power to light up a small bulb.
  33. Bones are tougher than steel, when compared with the same weight of bone and steel.
  34. Your eye has the ability to recognize 10 million colours.
  35. When you are awake, your eyes are open only 90% of the time. You close your eyes during blinking which eats up the other 10%
  36. You have about 4 pounds of bacteria living on and inside your body.
  37. Sweat is odourless in itself. The bacteria that grow on it produce the bad odor associated with sweat. That is why it is essential to wash up well after you sweat a lot.
  38. Your heartbeat is versatile and often changes with the music that you are currently listening to.
  39. The energy that your heart produces can drive a life-size truck for 32 kilometers.
  40. There is so much DNA in your cells that when they are uncoiled and stretched one after the other, they will stretch for 10 billion miles. That is enough distance to go to Pluto from Earth and then travel back to Earth.
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