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4 Words Which Should Never Be Used


Since the time we are little kids, our elders especially our parents teach us that we should learn to think before we talk. They keep repeating it over and over again thinking that someday we might just do it. It is one of those habits which our parents try to cultivate in us, which is extremely difficult to be cultivated. It’s not like we do not follow what they say, we do but then again we do not clearly understand why they tell us to do it. They try to inculcate this habit in us for many reasons and some of them are quite obvious. One of the main reasons would be that ‘the pen is mightier than sword’, meaning words have a greater impact on us than actions. Some may say, that ‘words are winds’, but one cannot deny the fact that words hurt us more than anything else can. Sometimes even when we inculcate this habit there are a few words which we use in our day to day lives, which are offensive and can harm people, more than we can imagine. Most of these words are those without which our day does not pass. Some of these words are:

1 Fat:


A most common discrimination based on size. It is that one word which we use for almost everyone and anyone, irrespective of the fact whether we know them or not and also of the way we look. Fat is used as a relative term most of the times. One uses fat to describe someone who does not fit the societal norms about the size and weight. It is one of those words which way hurting, because when one uses it for another, it used as a word to describe someone because of the way they look. Being fat in our society is not really acceptable. But who is exactly fat? If the truth be told all of us are fat in one way or the other because there is always someone thinner than us and pointing to someone because of their size is like judging a book by its cover. The most wide spread cliché is that if a book is fat then it is boring, which is untrue. So size does not matter and there is nothing called being fat. Obesity is another topic, as obesity is a disease.

2. Fair or Dark:

painting fair skin tones1


It’s again one of those clichés which have become a part of our day to day life and surprisingly it is not a recent phenomena, it has been there for a very long time. Most of the times people judge other on the basis of their colour. Be it India or any other country being fair is a symbol of beauty. Everyone wants to be fair because it is the societal norm that one can be beautiful only if they are fair. Dark skinned people are less preferred. Even when, one has to go out with someone or be friends with one, they would prefer someone who is fair rather than dark skinned. There are times when people don’t realize that they are discriminating, maybe because it has been a part of their system for way too long. One thing which everyone should remember is that ;everything that shines is not gold’ and that your skin color does not matter you are beautiful in every manner just the way you are.

3. Loser:

How many of us call the other person who is incapable of doing a particular task a loser? Well if the truth is being told then all of us are losers at some point of time or the other. No one is perfect at everything and no one can be. It is practically impossible to be that way and know everything. If not being able to complete one task properly does not make one a loser. Calling someone loser does not make one higher, it just hurts the other person and brings you down on a lower level. Not everyone is capable enough to do certain tasks and everyone does not have the same talents. If you are endowed with certain talents does not mean the person sitting next to you has the same talents. Before calling anyone a loser, one should consider that fact whether they have been successful at all the projects they have undertaken and also those they have never failed or disappointed anyone. stock-vector-loser-86053264

4. Mad:

It’s one of those many words which we start to use as children, ‘Mad’. But what does ‘Mad’ really mean? It means someone who is incapable of making smart decisions and is slow. But the way it is used these days is in the sense that when two people do not agree on the same point and hold different viewpoints regarding everything. But like C.S. Lewis said “I am not mad, my reality is just different from yours”. That indeed is the truth. Even the people who are specially abeled are not mad. They are way smarter than you are in things. It’s just that they do not see things the way you do and for the matter of fact no two people can see two things as same. For one person the glass is half full and for the other the glass is half empty. It’s the difference in perspective. mad-angry-man

So think twice before you speak and place yourself in someone else’s shoes before you speak harmful words to them. People are a lot different than we take them to be. There is depth in every person we come across. But we just need to see it. We need to mind our words so that we do not get the same in return.

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