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4 Ways to Overcome Drug Addiction


Don’t get too baffled by the heading. Drug abuse is as normal as smoking a cigarette nowadays. Go to any college especially in Delhi and you are sure to find crackheads. I have friends who snort crack, roll joint after joint or indulge in LCD on a daily basis. Some do it because they’ve been doing it for a really long time and it they feel it’s impossible for them to let go of the habit now. Some do it because everyone around them is and they feel out of place when hanging out with such people. People start doing it for fun and think they’ll stop once they’ve done it. But it soon becomes a habit and their ONLY source of fun. They soon become self centered and start being aloof with their own kind of people and they’re all pretty comfortable with the tag of being anti social. Drug use slowly turns into drug abuse and people don’t realize how deep they’e fallen into this dark abyss. Getting over an addiction is one of the hardest things to do and requires a lot of dedication. Before you make up your mind to try towards overcoming your addiction, just know that it requires a lot of commitment. Here are ways to overcome that devilish drug addiction.


1) Be around your loved ones more

Strained relationships can give rise to stress and stress is one of major reasons why people resort to drugs. They think drugs can make them forget the tension that is prevalent in their personal relationships. But they ignore the fact that the period for which drugs make one forget his worries is temporary and eventually it is all going to come back to them. A rough relationship at home or a terrible environment at home could be one of the reasons of drug usage which leads to addiction. Make sure that you spend as much time as you can surrounded by your loved ones who really want to see you happy and healthy. If you know someone who is battling drug addiction for quite a while now, make him feel connected to his family again. There’s no therapy like warm family relations. The victim will feel that he’s not the only one fighting this battle and there are people who care for him.


2) Do what you love

Except doing drugs, of course. Find out what you’d like to do in your free time. Even the most boring people sometimes have hidden talents and hobbies. Analyze your taste and preferences and find out what it is, that you’d thoroughly enjoy doing, if you had the chance. think of your childhood, what pleased you as a child. It could be something as simple as painting, horse riding or something complex as studying about new cultures, learning different languages. Enroll yourself in some hobby classes and make it a point to keep up with it regularly. Doing something constructive will keep you occupied and not think of the rather unpleasant moments in your life that only push you deeper into drug abuse.


3) Join support groups

Not many drug addicts are open to coming out and admitting that they have a problem. But the first step of overcoming a problem is to bravely admit you have one. Drug addiction becomes stronger with each snort and each puff because people think they’re alone and there’s no one like them that can help them. That’s why the keep ignoring the advice that their loved ones keep giving them. Joining a support group will help you in more ways that you can imagine. You’ll be motivated throughout the process of overcoming the addiction because there’ll be people like you around you, working towards the same goal. Finding solace in each other, comforting each other and encouraging each other to work harder towards a brighter life is what these support groups generally put emphasis on. You’ll be able to draw strength from people who are like you and people who have been in your shoes before!


4) Letting go of any past disturbances

Your past is called your past for a reason. Life isn’t always how you want it to be. Life is not even close to perfect and some of us have it really really hard. Your drug addiction might be related to something terrible that happened with you in the past, something that left such an indelible mark on your life that you find solace in snorting crack. It could be anything, a car accident, death of a loved one or like in most cases, a bad break up.. To actually forgive a person for something terrible he did to you and to choose to close that chapter for the rest of your life is tedious. To seek help for getting over a traumatic incident that damaged you emotionally and physically is ┬áno child’s play. To accept that you no longer have access to a loved one for permanent and move on is almost impossible. Grief is not something you can get over. It stays. It just subsides over time. Just remember that letting go can give you something so much greater in return. The freedom and the peace to live happily. Embrace your scars rather than trying to get rid of them through drug abuse.


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