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4 ways to having a harmonious relationship with your surroundings


There are quite a few ways through which we can make sure that we get along with the society that we live in, even though we do not know how to behave with them. This happens especially when we move out of a neighbourhood where making noise was no problem, to a neighbourhood where silence is the beauty of the lamp or vice versa. There are certain things that can be done in order to overcome this problems. Some of the thing that can be done are,

Regulate Your Volumes:

This is certainly the first aspect that we would look into when we put ourselves in a new neighbourhood. Volume can be any source, be it your Television’s speakers, your Radio, your Home Theatre or even the sound that you make while you speak. Initial adjustment to the changes in volume can be a tough job. But, as time progresses, it can be made sure that the volumes can be brought down. When someone talks to you, make sure that you respond in a lower voice. This might trigger a notice to the other speaker that you are doing it on some purpose and he might also need to follow it. Continue this for a period of time and you will be in a situation where the volume levels in your family have gone down. Well, this is only step one. Next comes the electronic devices. Having the Idiot Box creates so much of disturbance. When this has to be put into account, surround speakers’ comes into place. Instead of having to hear the sounds from a single source, multiple sources of sound in low volume can be a sure delight. With the help of the front Boom speakers, the experience can certainly be boosted and your family members will also love it for sure.


Go Well with your Neighbours:

Neighbours must be treated like your very friends. They may not go well with you, but as they are your neighbours, it is our duty to go well with them, no matter what. When it comes to needs and daily chores, there might be an occasion where you might not fit into doing the job. In such cases, neighbours are very important. They may well help you, if you have gone well with them in the past. Going well is not about buying them stuff and helping them with some stuff that they might have avoided. It can even be a small, gentle smile or a wave of hand when you pass by them. If there are occasions that you are celebrating at home, invite your neighbours to the occasion and have a gentle chat with them. Share a thought on a common problem that both the houses are facing. This might stir up a great conversation in the near future.


Adjust with your Surroundings:

The very next step that you should follow is going well with the surroundings. You might even be completely alien with the way in which others move in the surroundings. It is true that it will take some time to go well with it but it can certainly be followed by keen watching. Look at how others behave within the compound or the complex that you live in. make sure that you have a note of what they do. If you don’t understand what they are up to, your relationship with your neighbour can certainly help you out here. Ask them for the reasons as to why they are doing so and try to learn simple steps from them. This can help in harmonious living with your surroundings.

Be Social:

Being social is an important aspect of moving into a new neighbourhood. This can solve half the problems that you face with your neighbourhood. When you start interacting, the bonding between the people that you interact and yourself increases and this leads to good friendship and understanding. As the popular saying goes, “A Good Friendship lasts for over a thousand years” can be realised when we start interacting. The lifestyle starts to change with you socialise with your neighbours. You tend to move freely with tem over a period of time and they also tend to have you in all of their conversations. When this is improved, problems that were initially faced starts to come down and harmony begins to play its role. Throw a small party to your friends and invite them over to your place. Have a nice conversation with them and share some thoughts. Ladies can excel in this by having to gossip about things. Gents are no behind and they are brought together by a drink, at no will.

Opening Party

As the points state, it might be about how to approach a harmonious living in the beginning, but as time progresses, it is about how well it can be done. We become our own masters and start to preach our own thoughts in the beginning, but we should always think about the surroundings first and then think about us. If these points are noted and followed to the maximum level of integrity, a harmonious and enjoyable living is at stake for everyone in the surroundings.

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