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4 ways to feel comfortable in relationship


If you are in a relationship, it is very important that you must feel comfortable with your partner. Feeling comfortable is the crucial part of your relationship. It is important when you meet, talk, hang out, go on dates and plan something special. Following are the ways that you can follow and make your relationship stronger and beautiful.

1. Know your partner very well:


It is important in a relationship that you must know your partner very well. Try playing games and learn his choices and favorites. Ask him what are the likes, which is the favorite color, games, place, food and lot more. After getting the basic details of your partner, you can lead a good life ahead. These points will help you in taking care of the partner. Once you know this, you can make them comfortable. The next step could be the openness in the relationship. The more you share, the more you gain trust. Just being like an open book and share every feeling or thoughts which comes to your mind. You do not have to hide anything from your partner. Let them know the situations you are going through and them an important part. Make sure that you can share your past relationships or the problems with them; these are very crucial points which should be kept in mind. If you have a bad day shares it and tries to find out the solution together, rather than suffering alone. This makes the relationship stronger. So next time, you are going to enter into a new relationship just remember the points and it will all go fine.

2. Learn to maintain different relationships:


While you are in relationships trying not to ignore others. You must maintain the other relationships, whether it is about home or your friends. You have to learn carry all together. You just cannot forget the old ones because of this new relationship. Tell your friends and share your relationship with them. Try to get them together so that they can know each other. But do not spoil your date talking about your friends and others. When you two are together just be in that and share your feelings. Try to learn about each other more. For guys it is important to keep in mind that do not act immature. Just be sweet and mushy and show girls that you can be serious and make them feel safe and take permissions in every little detail. This makes the girl comfort and she would like to share everything. Tell them your true feelings, gain their trust and ask what they do not like about you. For girls, it is important that you must hang out with your boys sometimes and do not shy very much. Never try to flirt with his friends and just be with him and listen to him because he is there to take care in whole. Trust is the key of every relationship.

3. Have patience:


This is a very important point you must understand that every relationship takes time to get stronger. Just do not be too desperate and give some time to let the relationship get mature. Till the share things and know each other very well. Try to learn the views they have on personal and social life. Try to understand their thinking and look to their problems. Talk to your partner as much as you can and build the wall of comfort between you two. Tease or flirt with your partner and ask various questions and different topics and try to see the match. Lastly, if you are feeling more comfortable with the, share your deep secrets that no one else knows. Try to talk the way you have never done before. If you trust them, then just be true and honest in whatever you are sharing and answering. Following these points will help your relationship lasts very long and you will feel better like never before. Later on as the relationships move celebrate your dates together and try to make them feel special sometimes.  Plan special evenings and just relax when you are together because this world is too rude to make you feel safe, it is your partner who can make you feel safe and can calm down. Also, they can help in releasing the anxiety you had a whole day. All you have to do is trust and be honest.

4. Signs that show you feel comfort:


If you can hang out together anywhere and can share the intimate details or the every personal details the it is a good news. There are lots of other ways by which you can determine if you are feeling comfortable or not with your partner. When you are with them you just stop worrying and feel relaxed like never before. You do not want to get detached ever and want to stay forever and want to meet again and again, no matter it’s how long distance you both have. These are some good signs that determine that you are totally comfortable with them and can lead a happy and long life together.

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