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4 ways to avoid cataract


Cataract is the most common problem today. It is one of the major causes of increasing blindness, these days. It is reported that, at the age of 65, approximately 90% of the people face this problem. Due to cataract eye does not able to view clear. The eyes are the most important part of our body and without it life is nothing. This world seems to be beautiful just because of the eyes. It is our responsibility to take care of them. Everything seems to be clouded. But every problem has a solution, so does cataract. Below given are the healthy practices to avoid the cataract problem and to prevent the further increment. .

1.Protect your eyes from the sun:

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Sun gives ultraviolet rays which directly affect our eyes. UV rays are very harmful for the eyes. UVA and UVB are the walls in the clear vision. UVB causes the macular degeneration. Not only have the eyes, UV rays also caused the skin cancer, which is a very common problem today. Also, keep a distance from your computer. Slow and harmful radiation from your computer makes your eyes weak and dull. Radiations always affect the eyes whether it is a chemical, radiation, UV radiation or computer radiation. They directly affect the retina of the eye. Other reasons of cataract can be smoking and drinking. It is reported that smoking releases the free oxidants which reduces the capacity to repair damage. Also, drink less because drink makes us weak. Not only the eyes, eyes affect very part of our body-our lungs, throat, head and what not. Alcohols are never recommended, but occasional drinks are acceptable. Just do not get used to it. Otherwise, soon you will face a problem.

2. Eat green leafy vegetables:

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It is heavily recommended that green leafy vegetables help you in preventing the cataract problem. The leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens and spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin which help in fighting the eye problems. Talking about the vitamins, Vitamin C and E are essential for the vision improvements. For this, oranges, strawberries, ball peppers and grapefruit are a good option. To avoid cataract you should maintain a healthy weight as cataract is highly related to diabetes and diabetes is related to obesity. So, one should maintain proper weight and health. This is very important to keep in mind to avoid cataract. We are the only one to help us. Keeping these points in mind can reduce the risk up to a great extent. For this, one can exercise at least 10-20 minutes daily. If you already suffered from the eye disease since childhood, then you must stay away from the drinks and smoke, it can weaken your eyes more and it is hard later to get back the clear vision in old age.

3. Get eye exams:


After the age of 40 one should regularly go for checkup to the doctor. The disease can be treated with the help of laser treatment. Till date surgery is the treatment available in the hospitals. It has been reported that, women are at high risk of getting this disease. At this age, diabetes is a common problem and therefore the eyes become at high risk and checkup becomes more important when you drink or smoke at the same time. If you are on steroids, the risk of cataract has been increased. If you work in a factory or at a place where chemical radiations are present, your eyes are at risk. Also, eye injuries and eye diseases weaken the strength of eyes and eyes will be at more risk for cataract. Apart from these points, always remember to seeing a doctor when you feel blurry, colors that seem faded, glaring of vision, poor vision at night, double vision and frequent prescription changes in eye wear. If  you see any of these symptoms, never wait, just immediately go to see a doctor. Some people hesitate to see a doctor, but it should not be like this. It has been about you so never wait. These are the only protect measure which can keep you away from any danger signs of disease. It is better to recognize the disease at an early stage, later it can be a problem.

4. Take measures to prevent the cataract:


After discovering the disease, there are a few steps which should be kept in mind to prevent cataract from developing further. This disease is basically a deterioration of the eye and it is very necessary to take the careful step to stop the further increment of the disease. Surgery can do well, but if it is delayed, then the eyesight will also be reduced, so better follow the steps. Always use stronger glasses or contact lenses in the eye. Moreover, use a magnifying glass when reading fine point. Always use strong and clear lightning. Pupil-dilating medication is also an important part of the process. One should go through this point and it will help in preventing the decay of eyesight for a while. No one wants to have blindness. Following these points can help you in preventing in the encouragement of the disease.

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