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4 songs to make you nostalgic


All through our lives, we go through different phases, different places. We meet a lot, remember some, and befriend a few. For some pars, we feel as if time is flying away and wish we could stop it. Such moments seem to pass quite freely and fast. However there are times when our life is stuck and we don’t know what to do or where to go. These moments take what seems forever to pass through. In these times, we think about the good old days, when the times were good and there happened to be no worries. One part of such life is friendship in school and college lives, when we are unaware of what is lying in front of us. When we are with friends we forget our worries and problems. It is not like they have answers to all the questions, but the answers we get from them make us forget about our problems in the first place. No matter what we do ahead and what we become in the future, these moments always stay with us. Over past many years, there have been songs recorded indulging this particular theme. They make us retrospect our lives and we cannot stop smiling when we hear them. Some of the best nostalgic songs have been compiled and presented in the next lines. Hope you find it fascinating:

1. Pal by KK


No arguments, the first song that comes to mind while making such a list is the song recorded by KK, titled as Pal. A very touching and emotional song, this song makes everybody think about their past friendships and lives. Beautifully organized lyrics, filled with the words of nostalgia, this song has been the theme for many re unions for many years. Hardly a farewell party is organized in any school or college where this track is not played. And even though this song makes everybody emotional, we just cannot stop singing it. Extremely soft touch of guitar in intro, KK has been able to bind up all the magic just with in his voice through the lyrics. Many different versions of this song has been recorded over the years, popular one being recorded by the artists of Indian Idol 1, they have been able to recapture the magic of KK.

2. Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

bryan adams

A very popular track from a very popular artist, summer of 69 is the track that can bring back your memories from past. The beautiful intro riff itself runs chills down the spine. The powerful lyrics and chords of this song have the ability to bring back nostalgia ringing back in your mind and heart. A song, especially for reminding the good old days that you had spent. All in the scale of simple D major has a special and magical feel. Bryan Adams has sung his heart out in this song. He describes the story of a band that he formed probably in his high school. And how everybody went their separate ways just as time passed by. He reminds himself as being in love was his reason to go out of band. Among many versions sung of this song, the one by Sikkim Manipal University students was very popular. They have tried to repeat this song by just altering lyrics in Hindi and keeping the music intact. Many school buses have this song singing inside as it is going through a tunnel.

3. Yaaron Dosti by KK

yaaron dosti

Once again, KK has won the art of bringing the past in front of our eyes within 4 minutes. A very beautiful track with extremely soft music played on acoustic guitar, this track has all the tools of reminding somebody of their days gone by. This track has the lyrics composed in a manner that describes what friendship is and what are the qualities of a good friend. It also tells us that how difficult it is to find a good friend in our life. And once we had found them, we should never let them go away from us. A definite recommendation for those who wish to relive their school and college lives.

4. Graduation by Vitamin C

vitamin c

A very less popular track, not known to many people, Vitamin C has recorded a beautiful song by the title of Graduation. A very touching video that compels us to think that who were and who we became. The promises that go by unfulfilled by the friends. How difficult it becomes when we meet our friends once a year, whereas once we used to see them daily. The video has shown the transition of life of some good friends and how they manage to cope up with the challenges of life and friendship.

5. Don’t say goodbye by Binoculars

dont say good bye

Another one of those track which was not as popular as it should have been, this track has been composed with beautiful music and best lyrics. The artists have chosen right music to turn the hearts of listeners of this track. If you are wondering by looking at your photos of days gone by, try playing this song by the side on your speakers. It will definitely fill your eyes.

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