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4 Simple ways to do some good for the environment by sitting at home


Pollution has been a major problem which we are facing in recent times. Though the government is also trying to put in efforts to curb this, it is our duty, as responsible individuals to do a bit to the environment which provides us with a lot of things. There are a lot of things that we do that harms our environment. By following small steps, we can eliminate these problems. The things to be done have been mentioned below:

Water Sources:

Water is an essential commodity for each one of us. We depend on water to do our daily chores and it is our responsibility to spend it carefully. In most cases, we don’t do that. The water from the Air Conditioners at home goes as waste. Instead it can be used to water the lawn, which needs a lot of water. The taps in the washrooms are often left unnoticed. In such cases, we can make sure that we at least place a bucket under the tap when we go out to do other chores. Dripping taps are always a problem. A simple plumbing action can take care of the dripping action that the tap does. In case there is a big leak in the tap, look for the main pipe that supplies water to the tap and shut it down. Even the water that we use for cleaning can be used on plants. These days we depend on Dishwashers and Washing Machines to clean our Dishes and Clothes. So much water is used by these devices and it goes into our drains. Instead, we can simply filter this water and use it on the plants that are available in the garden.


Air Conditioners:

We blame the sun for the hot temperatures that we experience. What we don’t think about is the reason for the hot temperatures. The sun’s rays that falls on our planet goes through the atmospheric region. But, when this atmospheric region is depleted, not much can be done to reduce the temperature. So, when the temperature sores, we switch to Air Conditioners. These Air Conditioners release so much gases into the atmosphere, which leads to the adversity being caused. Therefore, it is our responsibility to reduce the use of Air Conditioners whenever possible. It is an acceptable fact that we cannot completely avoid the use of Air Conditioners. But during the day time, when a single person stays at home, instead of using an Air Conditioner, an Air Cooler can be used for providing the comfort. The energy saver mode that comes in all modern day Air Conditioners are of great use as well. They have an intelligent chip which detects the use of Air Conditioner and modifies itself based on the number of users.


Chemical Compounds:

Chemical compounds, when talked about flashes images of the acid and the phenol that we use to clean our homes. But, when we mean Chemical compounds, we talk about the entire range of toiletries that we use for improving ourselves. Yes, that’s right. All the toiletries consists of so much chemicals that when we apply them on our skin and wash it after sometime, so much amount of chemicals is mixed with the water and it is released into the water sources. We often wonder why the water from washing does not help in growing plants. The sole reason is that these chemicals impact the tissues in plants and hinder their growth. When such is the impact to plants, imagine the same on humans. We ignore certain things in life and chemical based toiletries must be one of them. Instead of using these compounds, there are ayurvedic application based toiletries that can be used in day to day life without affecting the skin and the environment as well.


Electrical Sources:

Electricity has become an important source of energy for us in today’s world. We depend on electricity for even the smallest work that we do. So much has been the impact of electricity on our lives that we have forgot the need to switch off our devices when not in use. Switching off a device can be as basic as turning off the mobile phone’s screen when not in use. But, we time out our devices for long durations so that we don’t have to tap on the power key. Even the lights and fans that we use on an everyday basis needs attention. When not in use, switch off all the devices. When there is ample source of light from the sun, make use of it without having to use the electrical equipment. Chargers are not turned off when not in use. This is a result of the laziness that we show. It’s about time that we wake up to these situations and start acting for a better tomorrow. Air Conditioners and all the devices at home have energy ratings these days. When the energy rating is high, you can save a lot of money on your electricity bills. In doing so, we are not only helping ourselves but we are also helping the environment by giving ourselves comfort with minimum expenditure of energy.

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