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4 recent summer trends we all love


So summer trends are the most ever changing kind of a thing, aren’t they? Every summer you see a completely different style spreading like wildfire, everyone following it almost religiously. It usually starts with one of those girls you see at the mall or when you’re street shopping and you fall in love with what she’s wearing and then you go hunting for that summer dress, or that jumpsuit or whatever. And then when you find something similar, you just go for it, or they probably inspire you to experiment. It’s not like you didn’t know how to dress before, just that once you saw them carrying that so effortlessly, you realised that even the most unimaginable kind of outfits can actually look good on you and you suddenly go from mono tones to neon and pink and bright and happy colours, from zero accessories because you didn’t want to look overdressed to bags full of neckpieces, ear studs, nose pins, earrings and what not. From the girl who just wanted to appropriately dress for the occasion you turn into one who just wants to paint the town red never hesitating from trying a new lip shade on or a pair of studded wedges. Summer brings out the best and worst in people.


Winters are mostly just safe dressing, everyone is going to look more or less the same, not much of a difference in the way they dress. You’re going to find those caramel coloured and black leather jackets who look good on almost anyone, those ankle length or knee length leather boots, pretty mufflers and warm blazers, but well that’s more or less all you get. Summer is all about just being out there. Lots of experimentation, lots of colour, lots of print, lots of everything. Let’s have a look at some of these wonderful ever so vibrant summer trends this season.


Who thought these super comfy baggy flairy pants could look so effortlessly chic and stylish? Well someone clearly did which is why you’ll find every third woman flaunting one of these in your neighbourhood or actually just about anywhere. The best thing about these is, since they’re just fitted at the waist, if you have a waistline that you are relatively more proud of than the rest of your body or precisely your lower body then these are just perfect for you. They’re going to make you look slimmer and will hide all that lower body fat and the love handles you’ve got here and there. And then they’re comfortable and loose and they let you breathe. In this sultry heat it’s probably all you need, something loose, with a nice soft fabric which still manages to make you a head turner.



Aztec print

So you wonder what’s all this Aztec fuss about? Well, the thing about these prints or actually any prints is that they make you look slender, like toned slender, not too thin or too fat and then again they have a high style factor too because they will invariably make you look good. I haven’t come across a single person yet who couldn’t comfortably carry off some Aztec print. If you feel like wearing such printed pants would be too much for you, you could just get this print in footwear, loafers, sling bags, dresses everywhere. And if you don’t really want to dive into colours and neon, you could just never go wrong with a black and white Aztec print dress.


Crop tops

Now this isn’t someone with a big belly or huge hips could really carry off. You need to have a nice flat stomach or a rather toned mid riff to pull this off but if you do, you’re in luck this season. You don’t have to spend thousands every time you go shopping because you cannot find the right dress to wear when you go clubbing with your friends in the night. You can simply put on a gorgeous crop top and black pants or trousers and just team it up with some stunning accessories adding to the bling factor and you’re sure to grab some eyeballs. Not only are these really comfortable but also super affordable and hence also quite the motivation you need to lose that belly fat.



This has undoubtedly been the season of florals. Having said that, I myself bought like 2 summer dresses and a pair of shorts recently which had floral print on them and they look airy and pretty and always make you feel light and comfortable because you’re usually going to get them in very comfy fabrics too. Plus that’s just going to add a hint of brightness and colour to your usually dull mono tone wardrobe. You just cannot go wrong with floral prints and you cannot help but love them. I’m someone with deep love for whites and blacks and blues and greys and yet I’ve found uninhibited love in these pretty flowery things. So you grab one of those floral prints and you’re sure set to bloom.


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