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4 reasons why you would ROFL reading ‘God Save The Dork’


God save the Dork by Sidin Vadukut is a sequel to the novel Dork by him. As the name suggests, written with a dynamic comic expression the book generates such circumstances that the reader bursts into laughter without having to try. The presence of such situations in the book which can easily happen in our own life but aren’t too common gives a unique feel to the book. The writer has crafted the book in such a way that you will both come across tingling instances of deja vu and laugh hysterically at some of the nonsensical works done by the main character. The book is actually a satirical and witty take on the world of corporate consultancy and management. In the second installment of the Dork Trilogy the Dork Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is now in London and is a self-made Guru and consultant. Sidin is predictable at times but funny. It is also the love for the character Robin that the readers go gaga over the book. Following a storyline similar to the first book, here too Robin strives to be a star-performer and how he manages that among his innumerable goof-ups is what makes the story.So, here are the 4 biggest reasons why you would find God Save the Dork hilarious –


  1. It keeps up to the standards set by DORK.

Yes, many people might disagree with that but I found the book very promising. Yes, it’s on the lines of the silliness but then that is what makes it impossible to resist. The book presents very silly circumstances sometimes and believe me, if you have read Dork, you would wait for them. The stupidity of Dork will give you a stomachache and a good time laughing with all your might. Dork, the first installment just set the premise of the unending fun, which God save the Dork has carried on.


  1. The book consists of all the ‘Varghese’ mannerisms.

Yes, this second book consists of all the mannerisms of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese. The very beginning of the book will make you burst into laughter and you will end up loving Einstein even more for all the situations he puts himself into. Humor seems to pop out especially right where you expect it, and in some cases where you least expect it.  There is no one like Varghese, though all of us have a tiny bit of him in us. The guy very amazingly tells us everything that is wrong with corporate culture and life.

  1. The second half of the book is stunning.

That’s right! The story gets even better after the interval and in order to reach there you will be tempted to go through the details of the first. When the ‘downfall’ happens and all the plans of Einstein start going some other way is the part of the book where you start laughing continuously and this goes on till the very end. If you are an economics person and have interest in share market and investment stuff, it’s a plus point for you. The ending of the book will amaze you very much.


  1. It will make you want to get hold of the Third book.

Exactly. Not only will this book entertain you, but it will also make you crave for the next book in the series that is ‘Who let the Dork out?’ That’s the power of this exceptional character and the writer. You would fall for Einstein although not in the literal sense. That is when you would wish there was more to this story and to Einstein. Well, that’s where you wish comes true.


Well, not many books provide with such fresh humour and intelligently woven dialogues. The whole series has not just been written but crafted by Mr. Vadukut. His creation of the character of Robin makes him stand out from the rest of the writer lot in the same genre. If one wants to get the full out of the book, they should go for the whole series as any one of the books are incomplete without the other in a positive sense.

Talking of language, Vadukut has again hit a benchmark as his language is simple but easily palatable and without any stale or repetitive dialogues. He is one of those fine writers who can both employ quality language and be easily understood by the reader. Sidin Vadukut’s offering rings bells in your stomach like no book can ever do. May be that is the reason why The Hindu called it ‘Hysterically funny’. After all the book teaches us there is a reason to everything. Lastly, about Einstein, he is really a masterpiece. He is such a character whom people can relate to and be irritated from at the same time. You wont find that quality in many comic characters. That is one of the biggest reasons why you should prefer reading this book over any other book you are thinking of reading this weekend. It’s a must read if you want to spend 4 hours of your life all laughing and wondering how wonderful a piece of writing can be. That’s the power of ‘God save the Dork’.

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