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4 Reasons You Should Never Think of Having a Job


Growing up is a funny concept. People always desire something from themselves, while growing up this ascertainity is fixed upon anything that makes them happy. But once they grow up, these desires get circumcised to a single unit: getting a job. Well, we would like to tell you that just because every other person seems to be doing it doesn’t mean you have or should do it. And if it happens that you’re intellectually sound in your reasons, it will certainly come to you at certain time that jobs are not the solution for supporting yourself in the long run. There are always enhanced ways to make a living without having to being someone puppet from 9 to 5.

Here we provide some of the convincible reasons that will help you do everything you can in order to keep yourself falling into the hands to a job:

It’s easy

Getting into a job supposedly in an office cubicle, and making money out of it by devoting your proper 8-10 hours of the day seems like an eventful idea in the first place. But it’s unfruitful, and it’s the very incompetent way that makes you believe you can generate money long term.

The ideology that makes up these customary interpretations of working as something that will get you paid is where everything went wrong. Who said that only working your ass off will get you money to make your living and not spending time on your couch? Obviously the working class only. Well, what they tend to amiss is that why can’t we get paid while having a walk, watching a TV series, or just sleeping? Isn’t the latter life would be a better place?

No one cares about how much time you’re spending in and out of the office until unless they are making enough money. And that’s the key point. Why Entrepreneurships are being so successful these days? The same simple reason, no one wants to get their money suckered while they ain’t working. The money is being generated twenty-four hours a day. It can be either through their website, some co-ed joint, a venture, or royalties from their work. At which pace, you can rather spend time on incrementing your income and not maintaining it.

Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life - Confucius

Your experiences are just a hoax

It’s rather true what they say about experiences, they take you everywhere. Just not the job experiences, they just take you from one chair to another. To be blunt, it would be called as silly game with no logic. A job only has so much to give in its early phases, after that it just becomes a routine. And routine is not an apt thing for successful life. And it would certainly lead you to miss the various other experiences that are far more cherished than the monthly incomes. If these phrases don’t ring any bells, we’ll just leave it to a simple question. What help will the job experience you’re having right now will be of after 20 years?

That is it. I think we got the catch now. So which experience would be a better benefit? Something that will only matter on for the couple of years of come that you spend on as a trade for the monthly incomes or the abode of knowledge that you can gain over that will help you earn and learn for the rest of your life without having to be troubled about finances again. We think it is a thought worth a thought.

Man bored at work in office

You think  you have  Job Security

We would like to say something over this, if you’re going to mention about your job security to someone; make sure he’s fool enough as an intellectual is gonna laugh out loud over that. What security of job and resources you consider in your pockets, when just two words of English vocabulary or any other language quotient have the potential to stop your job and income right there. In short, you’re fired fellas.

Have you ever considered such a situation? And what if the only experience you’re left with is the one that is of no use at that or current time? What would be your agenda then? Does having one and single source of income counts secure to you or multiple? Working class is just a deck of cards, where an employee is just a number with a name.


Have a Boss around?

Well, there I said it. I don’t want to work within so as to say under someone. And no one wants to either, yet they go filling resumes to every single vacancies under the presumably desk of a certain Boss. In an entrepreneurial universe, the only one you’re answerable to is your own self, while in the working class everyone has a say other than you. Even if you do have a say, it will be counted as an opinion not an advice.

Having a boss around is alike being with a master whose words are your orders. And it’s true even in the parallel universes. At the end of the day, you will be nothing but another brick in the wall. All we’re saying that don’t be one.


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