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4 Reasons Why We Love Winters


If you do not live in a cold country, then you must be one of those disheartened souls who get really pissed off in different seasons. Everyone has his/her favourites when it comes to seasons and weather conditions. When we talk about winters, certain words like cozy, blanket, food, love, numbness, chill, snow and Christmas, come to our mind in a second. Nothing out of these words is loathsome. Numbness might be a bit uncomfortable for some, but is never something that you would hate for life. Infact, it just makes you feel more detached from the world, giving you more Me time that you desperately need in this overtly technologically advanced world. TalkingĀ  about preferences, our poets could never get enough of Spring just like the Indian city of Mumbai can never get enough of Monsoon. Studies show that different seasons have corresponding effects on the moods of people too. It is said that many people feel gloomy and depressed in Winters. Did that fact just make you doubt the credibility of this site? Well, trust me, this is the case. There are some sects of people (read weirdos), who feel disillusioned with Winters. But, are you one of those lovable beings who just adore winters? Then, this article is just for you. And, if you are one of those people who just cannot make peace with the ones who love winters, then try reading the below listed reasons for the same. Who knows you might just fall in love with them too.

1. The Numbing Cold



You are having a really bad phase of your life. The world is out there to kill you and make you cry bucket loads of tears. You are a non-alcoholic and non-smoker. Yet, you want to get high. Now, how are you going to do that? Ladies and gentlemen, I present before you, the greatest numbing agent, with zero side-effects and absolutely free, winters. Chilly winters have the ability to leave you numb. The numbneds you feel in your palms and face in winters is something which just cannot be expressed in words. It is somewhat like the sweet pain and the best part is that you do not have to do anything, in order to achieve that. It just happens, making you calm and relaxed as well as it gives you a certain sense of numbness that is beautiful.

2. The Hoodies


In summers, you can wear shorts and tank tops. But, in winters, you can wear hoodies! Obviously, hoodies are way too cool to be beaten by those little pieces of clothing. Hoodies are humans’ way of declaring their stylistic supremacy over all the other species in the world. Hoodies look great in all the colours, be it monochromatic black and whites or their brighter cousins like red and orange. Hoodies also help to hide those muffin tops and flabs that you develop by whiling away your time in those comfortable blankets. In addition to that, all would agree that nobody on this earth can look bad in a hoodie. They are perfect for just about everybody human. They make you look cool as well as cute at the same time. There is no other piece of clothing which is so versatile in nature.

3. The Photos

Pics in winters

Go through your photographs of Summers and Winters. You would realise that you look way too prettier in your winter photographs. The photos in winters automatically get a matte look to them, which makes your skin look more supple, whereas in reality, it would be exactly the opposite of being supple. The surroundings look more mellowed down in winter pictures, which makes them emit a certain kind of calmness and serenity. A black and white photograph in winters is the best photograph that can ever exist, without any sort of further editing. The photographs clicked in winters have a quality of stillness to them, making them appear as saints preaching stability. If you have a black and white photograph, clicked in winters, with you sitting in a pensive mood, you better consider yourself lucky and make it you DP!

4. The Food

winter food

It is a scientific fact that people feel more hungry in winters than in summers. The reason for this is that the calories get used up very quickly in keeping the body warm, making the body asking more and more food. If you are a foodie, nothing can be better than this. This is the dream. In winters, a steaming cup of coffee or tea and some hot snacks become as necessary as breathing. Having a lip smacking parantha early in the morning or boilimng hot fish curry for dinner, is cherished the most in winters. Who can even bear the thought of having something hot with delight in summers?! In addition to normal food, we all would agree that ice cream tastes best in winters! No arguing on that. In Austenian terms, “it is a fact universally acknowledged.”

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