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4 Reasons to Keep a Journal


Writing a journal has been a trend of the olden times. One will always find that the great people of the past always maintained a journal. It was not always the great people but also the not-so great people who did the same. One can find journals of great people and great freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh or someone who suffered in a Holocaust like Anne Frank. There are many journals which have been published and are a source of great knowledge and lessons. Most of the times, they are important for historical references too. But that is not the point right now. Journals have been there for long and the trend will continue to exist for sometime around. But the trend of keeping a journal is on a decline now. Everything about everyone seems to be out in the public and whatever one has to say stays inside them while they live and dies along with them. Sometimes these things have the tendency of eating up the person from the inside.  Most of our parents are also known to have kept journals when they were young and some still do. So why should one really keep a journal what for? Here is the answer to that :

1 History:


When one keeps a journal, one records all the past happening of their lives in one place. Some say journals are never to be read. But when one writes something in the journal they can always go back and read them and help to relive those memories which they have noted down. It is said that History always repeats itself, but believe it or not journals gives one a chance to prove that saying wrong. When one goes through their journal, it helps them to recapitulate the whole scenario, there is no doubt about that but then again it also helps one to understand the situation better and also understand what had gotten wrong. Apart from that it works as a reference in the future not for us but for generations which are to come. Thousands of years later these journals will be one of the many sources of knowledge about our century.

2 A chance of being popular:

images (4)

When all those people whose journals we now read, had no clue about how popular they would be and that people would be interested in reading about their lives. For example Anne Frank wasn’t someone who did something outrageous, she was just a normal girl who was living in a hard time. Her book is undoubtedly one of those books which have been read by almost all. When she was writing that journal she never wrote it with the mind that people would know her, she wrote it because she felt it. Years from now, one never knows, your journal might be printed and people might be gaining inspiration from that. There is no better form of inspiration that inspiration derived from journals. It doesn’t matter whether people know you after you are dead or when you are alive. What matters is that you go down in history and people will remember you. Almost everyone wants to go down in history.

3  Privacy:

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In the age of technology the communication has become simpler. Just at the blink of an eye one can call the other person or see them. Even though the communication between people has arisen, it has led to the decrease in the emotional connect between people. It is hard to find an emotional connect with people. People talk to each other but they don’t really open up, maybe because one is afraid of putting out their life in public. Well Privacy is important isn’t it? A journal is something which gives you just that, it gaurds your secret with its life. It is one thing which can never ever harm you. Until or unless someone reads it. So one has to be careful and guard this little journal with their life.

4. A Friend in Need:


There is high amount of stress in every stream of life. Children also go through stress these days because of the amount of pressure which is put on them by the schools, friends and sometimes their own parents. Here is exactly where children begin to break. They find themselves all alone. Opening up is always a difficult thing be it at whatever age. Most people hate the display of any sort of sad emotions in front of others. One of the main reasons is because they are scared that they would be judged and that the person in whom they are confiding in would leave them all alone to face this tough world on their own. The other times it’s the words that bother us. People talk back. But a journal does exactly what one needs. It doesn’t talk back, because of it does then you are simply hallucinating or just dreaming. The journal sits and listens to all your problems and your worries of life and sticks by you through thick and thin. It is something which you can forget in your happy times and get back to it in your hard times and it would still not feel bad and be there for you. You can say whatever you want to and will not have to think twice. Writing down everything always makes one feel lighter.

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