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4 Reasons Why You Should Date A Nerd Girl


You have probably dated that girl on the block whom everybody wanted to hang around with. You probably have had dinner with the plain Jane. You might have also had the chance of going out with the freak. However, if you have not yet dated the nerd girl, then boy, you are missing something! There are different categories into which we can divide people, irrespective of their gender, colour, creed and race. A nerd is one of them. A nerd girl is not the one who just wears nerdy glasses or dresses up in a messy fashion. You have got to be with a nerd girl, in order to identify her. This thing is definitely bringing out the great girls out of their shells and up in the dating world. What are you then waiting for? Go, ask her out! She is sure to surprise you and remove all your misconceptions about the world of the geeks. Still not convinced enough? All right, go through the below mentioned reasons, maybe that would help.

1. Intellectual Atmosphere

intellectual atmosphere

Nobody is saying that you are a dumb person who has zero knowledge of anything important. It is just that the intellect of a nerd girl would definitely be unmatchable. This should, firstly, never hurt your ego or raise any sort of insecurities. If that is what is going to happen with you, then you should probably just stop dating anyone. So, a nerd girl’s mere presence is bound to increase the intellect of the atmosphere around you. The way she talks about Jane Eyre and Steve Jobs in front of your friends, it will simply give you a sense of pride and make you fall in love with her even more. Her intelligence, nay, genius, will eventually increase your knowledge too, making you evolve into a better species. There is nothing better than a girl who can go “Bazinga!”

2. Be There In Ten!

always on time

If you have been a part of the dating circuit for quite some time now, then you must be familiar with the ultimate curse of dating a princess who has just stepped out of her Disney castle. It is definitely the hours…nay, the centuries those princesses take to dress up. No matter how amazing is the result of that wait but you can surely lose your senses as to why and how exactly can a person take three hours to dress up for a simple movie date! Whereas, a nerd girl might keep on wondering over the aptness of her outfit for a date, she surely won’t be late for the same. A nerd girl knows how important it is to watch the trailer at the beginning and reach the place on time, so as to come to a certain level of comfort. And the way a nerd girl dresses, that will sweep you off your feet as you would be in for a sweet surprise when you find that bespectacled, intelligent girl all dressed up for the date. That too, in time!

3. There’s More To Life Than Zara

more to life than zara

Since we are talking about a particular sect of girls, we would have to take help of the evil of stereotype and state that the nerd girl would be more interested in the new iPhone than the latest trend by Zara. Her wish list would include a customised DC car and not Jimmy Choos. The smell of novels the size of equator mesmerise her more than the smell of new leather boots. She would cry her heart out when she sees her favourite GOT character die but soon regain her composure herself. The nerd girl is one for whom there is more to life than clothes, shoes and accessories. Due to this, you would be able to skip those unwanted trips to all the stores of all the malls, when at the end, you would just have a pair of slippers in your hand or a new mug. She will be as perplexed as you over the overpriced Zara clothing and yes, she would thus indulge in fashiion blasphemy with you. Now, that is going to be some fun. Isn’t it?

4. No Petting, Please

no petting please

A princess would be a hardcore fan of the chivalric tales of knights in shining armour. Thereby, she would want the same treatment from her man, i.e., to woo her and sing praises for her. Whereas, a nerd girl is in for no such hanky-panky business. She knows what she wants when she is dating you and she would definitely not follow the rotten, archaic rules of dating that put unnecessary pressure on the man, in the name of chivalry. She would approach you and will not hesitate a single bit in asking you out on a date. She does not expect you to be her cuddling couch, instead, she would want to have a relationship based on words and rational thoughts. With a nerd girl, you can definitely bid goodbye to the irrational complexities of feelings. also, since your nerd girl is a super confident woman, you might just end up getting pampered from time to time. That would be a good change.


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