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4 Major Setbacks of Owning a Smartphone


One in every 5 people in the world today owns it. Other three are planning and saving upon to buy it at the earliest and the fourth one is either on death bed or dead already. If you have it, either you can not stop looking at it or you just kept it in your pocket after looking at it. If you forgot it at home today – chances are your day is going to seem incomplete and full of anxiety, high or low blood pressure and probably while coming back from work you’d miss your bus too since you don’t wear a watch anymore because you had what you forgot at home today.

“Jeez, how much more will the author go round and about? What is it!?”

^If that is just what you thought well, let me tell you, you’re not alone. A million others, presumably, have also lost what is known as the good old ‘patience’ since now everything, and by that I literally mean every freaking thing in this world is just a tap away.

Ah, here we gave it away!

Yes! It is your Smart phone that we are talking about!

Let us throw some light for you on the super major ill effects it has on you these days:

1. Text Claw & Text Neck

4 Major Setback
No, these are not any hipster updates your dearest know–it–all cell phone requires. These are serious health conditions you, undoubtedly, must be suffering by now due to excessive naturalistic attraction towards being on your cell phone for not even a minute less than 24 x 7 (Unless you are on your laptop or busy switching through channels on Tv for a change or sleeping (of course)). Text claw and Text Neck we might as well mention are not medical terms (yet) but we are pretty sure they soon will be and we will be seeing certain Rehabs to cure this sort of addiction (or there already are such rehabs?)

Aggressively unstoppable “Smart-Phoning” of this kind is likely to leave you with fingers and arms that feel sore and week (Might as well consider taking ‘Stretching’ breaks in between the smart phone madness, eh?)

2. The “Oh – So this is how the real world looks like?” Feel

3 Major Setback
Chances are that every single time when you look up or away from the screen of your phone, you are wondering whether what you are seeing would look good and fetch some hearts on Instagram or Tweeting / Updating about it on Facebook is better? What the other options in this questionnaire of how you feel when you look up include – do you feel dizzy? Is the vision some what blurred (Not as HD as the Video Recording on your phone?) or you have dry sort of eyes that you suddenly became aware of?
Dear Smart Phone user, a solution to get rid of point percent of the strain that your eyes feel is  – well – making the font size bigger (what, did you think I would recommend using the phone less? Oh my, why would I take your life from you? Now that is just relentless exaggeration of my intentions on your part!)

3. The “Where Is My Phone” Panic Attack

2 Major Setback
So you just came to the other room and you laid your eyes on something and suddenly you want to search about it/text about it and you pat your pockets and IT IS NOT THERE! IT SIMPLY IS NOT THERE! It is an empty pocket you are patting upon and suddenly you are hyperventilating because you do not know where your life (cell phone) is and how will you search for it (since as usual, you kept it on silent in advance for the meeting you were preparing for) and you come back to your room. The room you just cleaned 10 minutes ago is a mess again because hey! Your cell phone is missing, ain’t no clean room as important as that! And thrash! The phone slides on floor as you bend to look below the bed. Stupid nutcase, it is one of those awkward moments you realize you kept it in your upper pocket and forgot since you usually do not keep it there. That is not the point, the point is, you go half crack the second you lose your phone – now this is not normal behavior or have we redefined what ‘normal’ is in these past few past years?]


1 Major Setback

Chances are that you either have never heard of this term or have heard about it but are too reluctant of letting go of this habit. For the dear cell phone addicts out there who come into either of these categories – Here’s breaking it down for you guys:
Phubbing, in simple words, is diving neck deep into your cell phone whilst ignoring the human company that you might have had if not for your cell phone. Basically, ignoring the people around and giving your cell phone the priority instead. The irony is that the device that exists to make you more social is instead making you anti-social or awkwardly social. Get it? No? Ask Siri.


These are just very basic first few points of the long list of wrong doings your phone has gotten you indulged in, lately. Start keeping a track now or, dare I say, you are just sliding closer to the mark that says “You’re losing it, fella!”

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