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4 Great Books By Dr. Robert Anthony


Dr. Robert Anthony has been changing lives of people with his amazing and motivational writing from many years. He always reveals fascinating secrets about self esteem, self confidence, self reliance and some true inspirations with his every single book. He has given 30 years of his life to solving the mysteries of human mind and its behavior. He also has worked as master hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, Psychotherapist and a personal performance trainer. He is also a master in all kind of energy therapies like TFT, TAT and EFT. He has done more than 5500 seminars around the worlds and has been the first choice of his clients. He also is a best selling author and has written some fantastic self help books over the the years. Here are some of his amazing books unleashing the secrets of human minds and can be used as a tool of better mind performance & self improvement.

1. 50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life


Named as “50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life: An Indispensible Guide To Happiness And Prosperity”, this book has everything you need to get a better life. Dr. Anthony has put all his experience and teachings in this single book. By following just these 50 ideas, you can truly transform your life into the one you always desired. Each and every idea gives leads you towards happiness and teaches how to fix your thinking for good. The first idea “Gold In Your Cellar” defines our subconscious mind as a cellar which has a box of gold and we just have to tap into it to get that box. There are no limits what we can achieve with our mind. This book gives you a glimpse of the dream you want to achieve and also show how to get it. Some of the most interesting points include “Who is Holding you Back”, “Because I Deserve to Be”, “The Book Of Life”, “Road Builder Or Wall Builder”, “The Gift Package”, “Release the Past”, “The Tools Of The Mind”, “Worry is A Killer”, “Flatter or Compliment”, “The Best Is Yet To Be”, “Castles In The Mind”, “Reaction or Response”, “Every Word You Speak”, “Rising Above Injustice” and “The Island Of Peace”.

2. The Ultimate Secrets Of Total Self Confidence


This is one of the best books i have ever read about self confidence. It is totally straight to the point and presents a lot of truths about life that we already know but not willing to accept. The book motivates us to stop conforming with the crowd and get out of the rut of following each other like sheep. It helps us gain our self confidence back and resign from the life of mediocrity. We can dehypnotize ourselves anytime but first we have to realize that we are on a wrong path. We have to accept ourselves and grow a habit of self reliance. There is a need to understand that we really can not do better than our present level of awareness. So, increasing our awareness should be our major goal. We should leave the past behind and stop feeling guilty about our past actions. We should embrace love more and accept it with both hands. This book awakens us to the core and motivates us to move ahead through positive communications and overcome the fear of failure. It also depicts the idea of adopting a positive mental attitude and break the chains that are binding us.

3. Beyond Positive Thinking


This book from Dr. Robert Anthony is totally different from these traditional positive thinking books. This one is closer to the reality because we can not feel positive all the time. Anybody can feel positive and energetic if everything is going right but the real test is when things go wrong and conditions are not favorable anymore. That’s the point when this book can be really handy. It gives us an idea about right thinking which is neither positive nor negative. We can play the game of life with total balance, harmony and joy but first we really need to know the rules and the principles of life. The book beautifully describes our problem of ignorance and the beliefs that have become our limitations. The book helps in recognizing the truth about ourselves, programming our mind for the best, achieving the financial desires and give up unnecessary hopes & engage in consistent action.

4. Betting On Yourself


This is really an amazing book that helps us in realizing that we have greatness within us and we also can put the odds in our favor. It tells that we don’t have to depend on luck all the time and take action more depending on our intuitive feelings. We can easily get an idea from this book about the thinking pattern of winners and converting that pattern in riches. This book is also going to help you in adopting an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ and explain in detail how it increases your winning factor. The book also explains the difference between Probability & Superstition and helps us in making our own Model of Success. This one is really recommended if you still haven’t found the passion of your life or do not know how to pursue the life you want. This one is really a gem from Dr. Robert Anthony.

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