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4 Exercises to Melt that Muffin Top


Winters are one of the most fun times of the year. You get to sleep like a baby and the bed is the most comfortable place on the earth. Winter is like heaven for all the lazy people.  It is indeed the best season as all we do is sleep and eat and in the remaining time warm ourselves in the sun and eat some more. Most of us take winters to be a blessing, but then it is also a curse at the same time. All the high-calorie food that we take in during winters gets deposited on our bodies and especially in and around our stomach. Most of the times we do not even notice it because that huge layer of fat is hidden underneath those n number of layers of clothing that we wear to keep ourselves warm. But as spring approaches and the number of layers that we put on start to decrease the truth about our body also starts to come in front of our eyes and most of the times we don’t like what we see. Once all those layers are off, the truth hits us in the face really hard and the truth is always bitter isn’t it. But it is summer time now and we really need to melt that muffin top which we had baked throughout the winters. So here are some simple exercises which you can do at home and which will help you melt that muffin top of yours and help you get a flat stomach.

1 Side Bends:


Side Bends is an extremely easy exercise. The main purpose of side bends is to help one lose their love handles. For all those who do not know what love handles are, love handles are the deposit of extra fat on the side of your waistline, which most of us can grab. Side bends attack this problem the best. Stand with your feet apart and hold a dumbbell only in one hand, holding two dumbbells defeats the purpose as more pressure should be on one side. After that pull your stomach in and bend towards that side in which you are holding the dumbbell. In the beginning do sets of 10 and after sometime you can take it up to sets of 40.

2. Bicycle Crunches:

cute-girl-doing-the-bicycle-crunchRemember as kids your parents told you that cycling is the best exercise and probably forced you to take your bicycle out every day. The truth is that it helps you to tone your stomach as well as your legs. But with the entire busy schedule, it’s impossible to do so. But you can always do bicycle crunches. It is one of the best types of crunches as this type of crunch concentrates attention in two areas, the top and the bottom of your abdomen. It is one of the best types of crunches. Lie down on your back and place your hands behind your head. The next step is to raise your leg along with that lift up your head in such a manner that your left elbow touches your right knee and in the next turn your right elbow touches your left knee. Keep on going like this and make sure your feet do not touch the ground. Do set of 15, in repetition and with time you can always increase the number.

3. Abdominal Twists:

Abdominal twists work on your abs and help you tone down your abdominal area. The main area where it creates pressure is the lower and the upper abdominal area. First, sit on a flat area with legs straight and then slightly bend your knees. You can also lift up your legs in such a manner that they are parallel to the ground and if you are not able to do the same, then keep  your feet on the ground with your knees bent. After that lean back and do not move your head. Then move your left hands in the right direction and twist as much as you can and then bring your hands back into the center and do the same with the other side. Begin with 10 sets of three. And then go up to 10 sets of five. In later stages you can also hold dumbbell in your hands while doing this exercise. 154129413


4. Full Body Planks:

Plank is a core exercise which helps one to build their strength. The main area where the pressure builds up is the abs. The difficulty level of this exercise is not extremely low or high. There are many forms of planks, one form of it is used in the surya-namaskar. The first step is to take the push up position on a flat surface, make sure that your arms are parallel to your shoulders. The distance between your knees should be a little more than the width of your hips. The second step is to put pressure on your toes and hands and push yourself up. Make sure you hold your stomach in when you go up and release your stomach as you go down. Do three sets of ten to begin with and with time you can increase the number.



Tip: Keep water close to you and keep sipping water. Under no circumstances take big sips of water as that can be harmful.

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