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4 Effective Ways To Prepare Yourself To Face Situations By Keeping Calm


Keeping calm. People from different walks of life face tough situations. A student might find his homework or exam to be tough and a professional can find his boss to be too demanding. Decision making is the key to one’s success in one’s life. Even if one has the right skills, improper decision making might let them down. Mind is the area in one’s body where most of the decisions are made. A mind that is pre-occupied cannot make decisions as easily as a mind that is clear. In this fast moving and competitive world, it is essential to have a clear and sound mind to make important decisions in life. Crucial decisions can be taken correctly by a person if the person’s mind is clear and calm enough in a highly challenging situation.  So, it is very important to keep one’s mind calm and composed before making any decision. Recently, a research has proven that intake of the proper food can cause a calming effect in one’s mind. There are a number of ways by which one can keep his mind in a calm way.


1. Sleep well during the night:

Sleep in essentially the most important activity that helps in controlling one’s mind in a better way. Generally, it can be observed that people who do not sleep well are not likely to stay active during day time. Such people find it difficult to focus on the task assigned and will not be able to take crucial decisions with clarity of mind. Sleep not only calms one’s mind but also makes it fresh. Research shows that one must sleep for a minimum of eight hours a day for the brain to be fresh. Though it is widely agreed that a minimum of six hours of sleep is enough during the night, it is necessary to have a minimum of eight hours of sleep during night. Also, one must ensure that they sleep well in the night. Normal biological functioning of the body greatly depends on the amount of exercise and the amount of sleep that one gets. By performing some mind calming activities like solving a crossword puzzle, Sudoku, etc, one can ensure that he sleeps well in time. It is well known that one can involve himself in counting activities to get sleep in night.



2. Involve yourself in fitness activities or enrol in a gym:

Fitness and body building is one activity that may prove to be very useful in maintaining one’s health. By giving one’s body the right amount of physical activity, one can make sure that the body rests as a result of tiredness of muscles. By resting, one’s body accepts the training regime and thus, one may improve his physical appearance, along with improving his mental health. One can choose from a wide range of workouts. Simple workouts such as jogging and skipping may also tire the body enough to achieve a good night’s sleep, thus calming the mind. Some people use their spare time to involve in sports such as football, cricket, etc. In addition to improvement of mental health, one’s physical appearance, ability to perform as a team also increases. Exercising in a gym would also help in keeping the mind calm eventually because of the fact that exercising tires a person and the person gets a sound sleep. One may also involve himself in clubs such as laughter clubs that are getting increasingly famous. After a jog in the morning, one may join this club. Research has proven that this method of relieving stress from one’s mind is effective.



3. Meditate:

Meditation is a way of calming one’s mind. This method of calming one’s mind has been in practice since a long time. Meditation freshens one’s mind and relieves it from the stresses. It can be observed that a person who meditates and involves himself in physical activities is bound to get better sleep in the night, thus relaxing and calming his mind. There are simple breathing exercises that could be followed by any person. By concentrating on each breath, the heart rate of a person slows down, thus bringing a relaxed feeling in mind. There are many communities and clubs that one can involve himself in for getting a better knowledge on the various exercises that can bring about calming exercises to one’s mind. Though these exercises are simple, they calm one’s mind and allow it to rest peacefully.




4. Listen to music that relaxes your mind:

Music is listen and appreciated in all parts of the world. Music can bring about a very relaxed effect on one’s mind. With the technology that is available in the present era, each and every person can own a music player which he can use to listen to calming music. Usually, instrumental tracks have a relaxing effect on one’s mind. One can download such relaxing music using the internet. By creating a playlist, one can make sure that music other than the type he wants to listen at that time can be eliminated. There are a number of applications that are available in the internet which can help in turning the music device off at a designated time.



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