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4 effective ways to keep our homes cool even without depleting the natural sources


Summer is that time of the year when we tend to use electricity at the maximum capacity. There are a lot of things that run on electricity and lack of electricity these days is making things difficult for us in the past few years. Therefore there has to be proper training programs which ensures that people are used to these conditions, thereby making sure that electricity is saved during the summer period. Some of the things that can be done has been given below in this article:

1. Earthen pot instead of a Refrigerator or a cooler:

Since ancient times, the usage of earthen pots have been on the rise. But these days we make sure that we have coolers and refrigerators in all the places and the usage of earthen pots have reduced in the recent times. But the advantages that these earthen pots have is to be realised in the present generation at least. There are a lot of problems when we use refrigerators, which we fail to look at. It is by time that we take a look at these problems and make sure that we overcome it.

The emission that comes from coolers is extremely high and by using earthen pots, we can reduce these emissions. Also, the earthen pots are made by using mud and is environmentally friendly. Since potters make these pots, a lot of work is given to the people who specialise in this field and thus employability is improved, which thereby improves there living standards as well. Another advantage of using these pots is that it provides the correct cooling all the time and there is no maintenance cos involved



2. Solar Cooker instead of electrical and gas burnt cookers:

Electricity and Gas are the two major things that are used in a household these days. When both these things can be avoided without damaging the balance in the house, a lot of efficiency is certainly increased. Therefore, the source of an alternate fuel is of great help in this case. Therefore, one can make sure that the solar energy can be used instead of the commercial sources of fuel. As a matter of fact, these cookers can quickly heat up and make sure that the food is prepared quicker than the commercial sources of fuel can cook.

If these solar cookers are not convenient enough, then there are solar panels that can be used to absorb the sun’s energy and make sure that this energy can be used to run the electrical stoves. Though this technology is not far stretched in the current stage, it will be one of the biggest point to talk about in the future.



3. Natural cooling instead of air conditioners:

These days, the use of air conditioners has been one thing that is taking a huge toll on the environment. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that we don’t use up all the energy, thereby leaving nothing for the future generations to come. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that we look for alternate ways to cool the rooms, thereby making sure that the situation is a win-win one for both the end user and the environment as well.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by making sure that we apply a layer of soil in the terrace. By doing so, we can make sure that all the sun’s rays is collected by the mud there and no heat is transmitted into the concrete surface. Therefore, it can be made sure that the heat is kept out of the house. This mud can also be used to grow grass or small plants, which therefore can be used as a source of entertainment during the evenings or at the time of a social gathering.


4. Natural lighting instead of electrical lighting:

One of the most important cause for heating up of the rooms is due to the opening of the windows. In most of the cases, we make sure that we close down the window to make sure that the hot air does not enter the room. But what we forget is that by doing so, we are also making sure that the natural source of light is shut down. In this case, we tend to go for electrical lights instead of the natural light which causes a lot of problems to the environment. To avoid this kind out situations, small holes can be made in the sources of ventilation so that the natural light comes in. therefore, a lot of energy can be saved.

In addition to the light, these small ventilation can act as the sources of natural air. Without the supply of natural air, the room becomes closed and bad odour starts to develop from wet things. These kind of naturally ventilated buildings have started to grow in numbers and thus the government has started to give special attention to these kind of buildings. These buildings, known as the green buildings have made sure that there is very little emission and thus the government gives subsidies to these buildings in all parts.

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