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4 Classics Which Have Been Made Into Movies


The trend of turning novels into movies is not a recent one. It has been there ever since the beginning of the motion pictures. Legendary directors like Satyajit Ray have known to bring the magic of the novels on to the screens. He is an Indian Legend to have done so. Since then there has been a trend of turning books into movies and to one’s surprise one will find many movies made on the same book, most of the times in one language. This trend is pretty strong these days. One of the books which are usually made into the motion pictures is the classics. The ones we loved reading in school and somehow still love to read. The debate whether the motion pictures are as good as the books is never ending, so if one should try to stay out of it. But then again it is not possible to do so. When we do see the conversion of the book into a motion picture we instantly start to compare. So here are some of the classics which have been turned into movies:

1 The Great Gatsby.


It’s hard to come across someone who has read The Great Gatsby and hasn’t loved it. The book was undoubtedly one of those books which leaves a huge impact on you and has an extremely huge realistic touch to it. The book did extremely well and it still does. So when the news of turning this book into a motion picture for the very first time came around, it made people hope and somehow made them scared, as to whether it will be as good as the book or not. The movie has a starred star cast, with Leonardo Di Caprio playing the multi-millionaire Jay Gatsby and Toby McGuire as the narrator, Nick Carraway. The movie displays the Jazz Age in an extremely lavish way, the way it is described. The movie undoubtedly does manage to do justice to the book. The actors have acted amazingly well, doing justice to every character and the actress Cary Mulligan has done justice to the character of Daisy Bachuan. The movie manages to leave out nothing from the book and is able to showcase the same magic as the book did. It is a must watch for all the Gatsby Lovers.

2 Wuthering Heights.


One will find many people who seem to complain about Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights is indeed one of the hardest books to read, because of many reasons and one of them would be the death of characters. Wuthering Heights is a Gothic Romance. Whoever has ever managed to finish that book would agree that it has a special charm to it. There have been numerous instances where directors have tried to create the same magic as the book did. There have been two instances which have come into notice. Both of them move extremely slowly and miss out on a lot of important things which can leave one confuse. So if you are a lover of Wuthering Heights and want to watch it on screen, then I believe you should give yourself a rest and let it pass because the movies have been rather disappointing even with promising actors playing the main leads.

3. Pride and Prejudice.

Almost every girl has read that book at some point of time in her life or the other. Most of the girls have the dream to find her a Mr Darcy. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, is one of those books which will last another century and would motivate women. The best part about the book is that you can always relate to one character or the other and find people whom you can relate to them. The conversion of this book into a motion movie starring Keira Knightly, has been a huge success no doubt about it. But is the movie as good as the book? The movie has created that magic on screen, which one would expect of it, but it doesn’t truly live up to the expectations one would have for the book. But then again, one can always watch this movie over and over again without getting bored. So if you are planning to watch this movie, then it is definitely a pick.


4. A Christmas Carol.

It is one of those books which one can never get too old to read and it is hardly unlikely that one would ever forget the impact it had on one. The book was rather short, no doubt about that but it was a book with a deep meaning. There have been many versions of a Christmas Carol which have been made and it will continue to be made for ages to come. But the one which is known to all is the one which released in 2009, in which the versatile actor Jim Carry has given his voice to Scrooge. The movie is undoubtedly as breath taking as the book was and leaves you to feel almost the same emotions as the book did. It is one of those very few remakes which leaves you with the same sort of impression. It is one of a kind movie, which you can always pick up and watch, be it Christmas or not. A must watch for everyone, irrespective of the fact whether one has read this amazing novel by Charles Dickens or not.  HD_A_Christmas_Carol-wallpaper

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