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4 Books Which Satirize Societal Issues


We are the part of society; we are born here, live and will die someday. We are supposed to comply with the set norms and regulations of the society of which are the part. But there are questions I always have in my mind whirling around and those are, “Are all the rules and regulations are needed to be followed or are these norms going to be beneficiary for me, has the society set the environment according to each and every individual or just considering the majority, etc.?” May be theirs answers would be “yes” but no doubt, it could be “no” even.  Where can we fine the solutions to these questions roaming around in our mind? Being a part of society how can we point out its drawbacks and limitations? Undoubtedly, there are lots of ways through which we can answer these question or even we can do something to solve it but before solving them we need to know about them, we need to know about their socio-political backgrounds and that we would find nowhere but through books, books which were written at the time this societal problems were prevailed either in our country India or any other foreign countries.


Many writers found their ways by introducing a new genre in literature, which is “Social Satire”. Briefly defining what basically a social satire is, a type of literature that sarcastically comment upon the social flaws or the norms which is not at all beneficiary for any group. Here are the list of some of the Social Satire, which will surely help you to know more about the origin of the flaws in society and how to tackle it for the development of the same.

Gulliver’s travel

A fantasizing book by Jonathan Swift equally enjoyed by both the children as well as the adults. This book is the narrative of Lemuel Gulliver, retelling his story of how he travelled through different places. He reached the land of Lilliputians who were very tiny compared to him and afterwards he reaches to totally opposite land where he seems Lilliput in front of the natives. After all his voyages he gets to know about the scenarios of all the places which are surrounded with their own cultural dogmas and norms. So, here the author basically tries to show us that no matter where we go, there is corruption and problems all around and we can’t resist it.

gulliver's travel

Importance Of Being Earnest

Beautifully crafted by Oscar Wilde, this play is a satire on the Victorian Society of England. In this play, the protagonist maintains fictitious personae to overcome the burden of the social obligations put onto him. We can very aptly connect this issue to ourselves as how we too are always burdensome due to the set and told rules to us. Also, this play satirizes the practice of being sad all the time just because the people are not able to notice the trivial happiness in their life.

the imporatnce of being earnest

Pride and Prejudice

This novel is one of the most popular novels of Jane Austen due to its multi-dimensional themes. The humor created by the author into this novel is by the use of satire, which she has used very wittily to attack on the mindset of people during Victorian era. Her most of the satire is for women particularly, the sense of fashion, etc. Showing the glamorous background she aims to satirize the whole concept of fashion around that particular society.


 Make Room, Make Room

It is basically a science fiction by Harry Harrison, which was written in 1966. This book talks about the scene in the New York of 1999, which is about 33 years after the time of writing. This is upon the issue of “Overpopulation” which the whole world is facing now. As we all know that India is at the second position if we talk about its population in the world and interestingly, Harry Harrison has written this book inspired by an Indian only whom he met in the war who talked about the upcoming problem of overpopulation in the world. So, here it is a satire on the practice of producing more children than needed and bucking the practice of “Hum Do Hamare Do”.

make room

 Well, these are the four books written in different backgrounds as well as time by different writers but they subsequently talks about the societal issues which really needed, better to say which still need reforms. Issues like corruption in the society, cultural dogmas practiced, lack of knowledge about contraception, the thoughts of society about gender, etc. can be easily seen in these books mentioned above. After reading these books, one can have basic understanding about the condition of each and every individual who lives in society fighting all the time a cold war with the issues talked above.

Happy Reading.

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