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4 Books to get hold before they hit the theatres


We are cinema lovers. Films are the window to the world, they bring us the whole info-graphic world in front of our eyes, and they make the characters we dream about live, talk, play and make love. They make us believe in our imagination- of our contours of our battles. They, at times depict things in a sheer way that books can’t do even possibly. They are a pure escape from the words and worlds- and we feel like there’s nothing along the zenith of these worlds as sitting in the cinema, out of all the distractions and devotions, focused completely on the story that is plying out onto the screen.

Yet, they don’t have as much connotation as the books have.  We are merely watching the actors playing their characters, and not feeling everything the character is going through, not knowing whatever is going on in his innermost mind. All of the thoughts, hopes, fears, inclinations doubts are left just to imagination. Films let you have the window to observe whatever’s going inside. Books? They open the doors.

And for all the book and cinema lovers, we recommend these books that you ought to read before they come alive on screen.  We want you not to just observe, but live.

The hundred foot journey


The hundred foot journey is a novel written by Richard C Morais  that was published in USA in 2010. This 256 page-turner talks about the rise of Hassan Haji, a ravenous eater and Chef who lives his life journey through the words of the novel. The family of this unsung hero opens up a restaurant among the French residents against its rival Mallory which later on after Hassan’s cold war with family agrees to mentor him and leading him to open up a new restaurant.

The novel is a tale of tragedies encountered within the succulent treat of Indian family as it devours its way around the world.  It is endearing and delicious read.

The book based film is set to get released in August of the year under the direction of Lasse Hallstrom. Helen Mirren plays the role of Madame Mallory while Hassan is portrayed by Manish Dayal. It is a Dreamworks production and is all set to turn the tables up so be sure to read it before you see it.

This is where I leave you.


This Joanathan Tropper best-seller is a magnificent family saga to be read with weep and laughter. It is an emotionally raw movie and Tropper’s best till date. It has its own traumatic ups and downs while the family mourns for the death of Judd’s foxman’s father. And with such an emotional menopause for the family, various secrets come into the picture and that are kept to and from the family’s characters. And no sooner than latter, things goes out of control. This tale of dysfunctional family is about love, marriage, divorces and the ties you’re bond to.

The movie features the well-acclaimed cast of Jason Bateman and Tina Frey. And we don’t think there’s something to tell about the duo which is already being billed up as successful cast. The film hits the theatres 12th September this year under the direction of Shawn Levy.  The film will be an  obvious must see, grab a hold of the book first.



The book is setup in year 1929 where the newly wed couple George and Serena pemberton Travel along the roads from Boston to North Carolina where they plan up to build up the biggest timber empire in the estate. George has lived and believed in the mountains while Serena is a kin new. Serena later out finds out that George has an illegitimate child and to make things worse for her, the reports of the doctors says she can’t get pregnant. Then begins the struggle of life and death between the Pemberton and the bastard child’s family; giving way to her family’s reckoning.

The screenplay of the movie is written by famous writer Christopher kyle and directed by Susane Bler. The movie has a top-end cast of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley cooper acting the couple. The movie will give-away its screening by the end of the year and we’re expecting a lot. Till then, we want you to go through this enormously poignant novel.

Gone girl.


As the name suggests, it’s story of a missing person. While Nick and Amy Dunne are all set to celebrate the fifth year of their marriage, Amy suddenly disappears in thin air. Things take quite a turn after then, and all the evidences and reasoning’s are going totally against nick. This 432 page Gilliam Flynn thriller is full of suspense, and twists. Readers are all set to keen eye till the end and the few last pages are excruciating.

Ben Affleck is taking up the Nick’s part while Roassamund Pike has been casted as Amy. This David Fincher movie, set to release in October of this year and everybody who has read the book already have their calendar marked. And those who doesn’t we strictly recommend you to follow the same. It’s a Flynn thriller for god’s sake.


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