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4 Best Places For The Ultimate First Date


Clothes, done. Hairstyle, done. Cash, done. Face, done. Topics to talk about, done. What is left now for the first date that you have been planning to go onto for such a long time? It is nothing but the place where you have to go. We feel that the toughest part of a first date is looking your best and being your best in totality. However, no matter how many hours you spend on Youtube, looking for that perfect hairstyle or googling the different ways to impress your date in one go, the place or activity that you decide for your first date can make it or break it. The place can be a deal breaker and subtly play the cupid if you choose it well. Before getting on with them, I would strongly recommend cancelling the plans for a movie or dinner for the first date. On the first date, you want to talk to the other person with as much concentration as possible. This is not possible while you blankly stare at the movie screen or are busy gulping down those delicious cheesy canopies. The better options for your first date can be as follows:

1. A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

coffee date

Coffee and date. Can this beautiful combination of two beautiful things ever go wrong? The answer is a straight no! On your first date, you just want to get to know the person better so that you can decide whether both of you can give each other a try. A coffee house is one such place where you can sit comfortably without getting judged by the people around. The crowd in coffee houses is considerably younger than at any other place, which will give you a certain sense of relaxation and make you less conscious of the surroundings. Make sure that you do not extend the date to more than one and a half to two hours as beyond that, it would start getting a bit too much for a first date. The mantra for the first date can be: ‘less is more’.

2. Bowled And Beautiful

bowled and beautiful

If you do not belong to the romantic lot or suffer from random bouts of mutism due to your shy nature or if you have a bold personality and love thrill and fun, then this option is just custom made for you. A game of bowling or a visit to a bigger game parlour can never be boring and it will bring both of you to a certain level of comfort. The highly energetic environment and excited crowd around you would definitely make you come out of your shell, which is the most important step in making a date a successful one and prevent a mute-disaster. A good game of bowling can show you that side of your date which you were completely unaware of, hitherto. It will give both of you a sense of utter joy and your date is bound to leave for home with a smile on their face. And if that happens, you know you did it right!

3. Have Your Own ‘Walk To Remember’

walk to remember

This one can be the best option for those who like to talk business and nothing else. If you are on a date, you do not want anything hanky-panky. These people are plainly interested in getting to know you better and do not want to waste time on eating, drinking or anything like that. Taking a stroll in the park is the best way to achieve this feat. Long walks are always so special and completely devoid of any sort of faƧade. A walk in the park can be the easiest way to shed your inhibitions and just talk everything out. There is very less scope of getting bored in a park as it is always filled with people of all sorts of age groups. Especially when you are closer to nature and natural surroundings, you are more likely to be at ease with yourself and have a positive attitude, which will definitely make your date a better one. Who knows, this walk might just become your very own ‘walk to remember’.

4. In-house Date

in house date

This is the best and the most feasible option if you have to take someone out on a date tomorrow and are aimlessly searching for some options over the internet. Also, if it is month-end and you are tight on cash, this would be just the right choice for you. In addition to the practical plus points, an in-house date makes you confident from within as you know about each and every thing that might possibly go wrong on your date, beforehand. This gives you an edge as you will get more time to dress up as you do not have to step out of your house for anything. However, we’ll suggest not to cook yourself on you first date as it might make you seem a bit too desperate for your date’s attention and praise. It is better to have something ordered from a nearby restaurant which both of you can enjoy as you talk about each other’s interests within the familiar and comfortable walls of your house.

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