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3 ways to stop sneeze


Sneezing is a common issue which happens to everyone and is normal. Sneezing can be because of allergy or due to changing monsoon. If not taken care properly, it can be a big problem later. The biggest world record of sneeze in the Guinness Book of World Records is sneezing fit for 977 days and produced more than a million sneezes. While sneezing should be kept to face as it spreads bacteria in the air, which can harm others also.

1. Impedence sneeze-stop it:


For this you can squeeze your nose by catching, the part of your nose above the tip and stretch it out. This is to stop the sneeze by stretching out the cartilage of your nose. This step stops the sneeze. The other way of stopping the sneeze is to pinch your upper lip. With the help of your thumb and forefinger try to pinch it tight and press it upwards with your nostrils. Let the thumb towards one nostril and your forefinger towards another. The tongue can also help in the matter. You just need to press your tongue in between your front teeth where the roof of your mouth meets the gum plate. Not only is this, you can tickle the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue and if you feel the sneeze coming in continuing this activity until the urge to sneeze dissipates. This activity makes take 5 to 10 seconds and after that you feel all fine. When you feel the sneeze coming try to distract yourself with the help of your hands and spread the thumb of one hand away from the fingers and use the sharp edges of the nails of the thumb and index finger of your other hand. This will help in stopping the sneeze.

Another way can be the pressure point between your eyebrows. This pressure point is pressed to stop headaches and sneeze. With the help of your thumb and forefinger, press the point and you feel the least pressure. This activity helps in stopping the sneeze. Apart from this, you can also press into the cartilage on your nose with the help of your forefinger. This will help in stopping the triggering of the sneeze. Ears can do the work by wiggling the ear lobe gently while the sneeze is coming on.

2. Sneezing- less often:


This generally happens when your stomach is full. So eat less and appropriately. Sneezing can immediately happen after a large meal. If you sneeze while you go out, then you must check up. Sometimes we sneeze due to the sun and if that is a problem, then you should wear polarized sunglasses and scarfs. If there is more sunlight outside, then you should focus on the dark side or more neutral. And keep this in mind while you drive two wheeler. If you are going out in a sneeze risk environment, then you should follow some precautions like carrying tissue with you. Try to wet your nose, either by sniffing the steam of coffee or wet your nose with the help of tissue. This activity reduces the chances of sneezing in the sneeze risk environment. A sneeze can be because of anything. You must see a doctor for allergies and know more about your allergies. Try to get on antihistamines, this will help in fighting sneezing problem, coughing problem and itchy eyes. Benadryl available in the market, which helps in fighting these problems from the root. This Benadryl introduce drowsiness, but if we compare other medicines, it is better. Other medicines available in the market have significantly fewer side effects. If you have been for a busy day, then change clothes and takes shower as you may have brought pollen buggers with you, which may affect others and you too.

3. Good sneezing habits:


You should know when to stop your sneeze and when not. When it comes randomly with a very fast speed, you neither should nor stop it. This may cause hearing loss and damage your blood vessels in your head. Do not make it a habit to stop your sneeze.  If you want in the middle of the public and you want to sneeze, just have a napkin at the time. Sneeze release large number of bacteria in the air, which can harm your friends or others. Put your hands in front of your nose, if you do not have a napkin, this is a called a good habit of sneezing. Also carry the hand sanitizer with you. Other habits include, sneezing politely as it can be very disturbing to others sitting next to you. Sounds creates when you sneeze into your elbow, to avoid this, just grab a napkin and as politely as you can. These habits are very important to adapt in your daily life. Bad habits may make you feel bad in fronts of others, when everybody is looking at you. This should be adopted when you are professional and in the middle of the meeting, you want to sneeze, you cannot let others disturb with your habits. Sneeze safely if you have any broken rib or any problem with nose, this may decrease the pain.


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