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3 ways to remove age spots


After the age of 40, it is natural that age spots appear on the face and neck. These age spots can be black, brown or yellow spots. It has been reported that, this may occur due to the sun exposure. They are not dangerous, but we do not even look good. They can get rid of by other medications or the following ways. Every problem has a solution and does this. There are various different ways by which this problem can be solved. They are as follows:

1. Using home remedies:


Things available at home are sufficient to remove the age spots. They do not have any side effects like medicines. Starting from the lemon juice, which contains the citric acid, helps to bleach age spots. Just put or dab the lemon juice on the spot and leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse off, do this for some days and you will feel the spot fades slightly. If you do this exercise in a day twice, definitely the spot will remove soon. If you are going outside, do not forget to rinse the lemon juice as it is very sensitive when exposed to sunlight. For the sensitive skin, lemon juice can be irritating. To avoid this irritation, dilute it with rose water and then apply. Buttermilk can be another option which contains lactic acid and bleaches in the same way as lemon juice. Apply buttermilk directly on your face and leave it for 15 minutes before you rinse off. Tomato also contains the bleaching properties so you can add tomato to the buttermilk to make it more effective.

The next product in the list is honey and yogurt. It helps in reducing the age spots up to a great extent. Leave it for 15 minutes and apply twice a day. You can also use the apple cider vinegar once a day. It is a very effective practice and gives positive results. You must have used aloe Vera on your face; this is very natural and common. Aloe Vera leaves are easily available in your garden and easy to apply the gel which is present between the layers. Though sticky, but it can be easily rinsed off. Castor oil is also used sometimes which has skin healing properties. Sandalwood can also be used for the purpose and is easily available at home. These home products do not have any side-effects and thus can be used freely.

2. Professional skin treatments:


Apart from the home made remedies you can also go for professional skin treatments. Technology is going advanced day by day and so does the treatments. Laser technology has made everything easier. Without pain the surgeries are done. The laser technology is used to remove the age spots and it lasts for 30-45 minutes. It takes two-three sessions to remove the age spot. It has little discomfort which is removed by the anesthetic cream before treatment. Though laser treatment is the most effective treatment, but the only downside point is that it is very costly and not in reach of everyone. Apart from these, get a chemical peel. Chemical peel works by dissolving the dead skin and a new skin will come out. For this, we have to apply a gel like acidic substance over the area and the area is cleansed. Everything has its own drawback and limitations, so know the treatment before hand and all the risk. Then apply for it. If your skin is too sensitive, then ask doctor about the side-effects and how to overcome the discomfort.

3. Prescription products:


One such solution is hydroquinone, which is a very effective bleaching cream and helps in removing the age spots quickly. Bought this product have, side-effect too, so better take it on a doctor’s prescription. Next one in the list is retin-A, which is said to be the excellent anti-aging skin care product. This product helps in removing the wrinkles and also improves the skin’s texture, sun damage and age spots. It is available in different strengths and in gel form. You need to see a doctor before applying it. It is said to help in removing the outer layer and reveals the new and fresh skin. Glycolic acid is also very famous for the chemical peels. It helps in removing the wrinkles and age spots. Sometimes, glycolic acid causes the redness and discomfort on the skin and so taken with the doctor’s prescription. These products are easily available in the market. Applying these can help you get back in perfect skin without the age signs. Another one on the list is sunscreen which helps in the reducing the previous age spots and prevents the new one from happening. Sunscreen should be used with zinc oxide base and at least SPF 15 can work in hot sunny day. So, you do not have to worry about your age anymore. Live your life and use the products- either homemade or prescribed by a doctor and be tension free for your looks.  This is the reason why actors and actresses look young when they are not. Try these solutions and you don’t look less than they. Good Luck !


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