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3 ways to reduce the problem of nightmares


Nightmares are never good. They make us weak and cause metal tension and physical tiredness. They affect the quality of our sleep and cause fear and anxiety. Before you find the solution of these nightmares, try to find out the reason of the nightmares. Nightmares spoils our day and we would not be able to take proper sleep. Later it becomes a problem in an office or meeting. Below given are the ways on how we can get over with nightmare problems:

1.Know the reason of nightmares:


It has been reported that nightmares are a very common issue among the children, they grow out of it. Talking about the adults, one out of every two, get the nightmares. The after the time of nightmare is very difficult. It left the images and memory which are difficult to handle. Nightmare causes heart to beat faster and sometimes wake you from the sleep. The nightmares are they caused by some vividly realistic images, thoughts and emotions. Nightmares led to exhaustion and mental anxiety. This may even lead to long term health problems. It is necessary to take steps and prevent them further. For that you should know the difference between the nightmares and night terrors. They are both different types of disturbances happen to us. It is reported that nightmares generally came in the morning and the content may differ from person to person. In adults, nightmares are all about chasing or falling from a height. They generally see the traumatic event in their nightmares and get frightened. While night terrors occur in the deeper stages of sleep and they wake up in the middle of the night and it is always fearful. It is a fear which we feel and there was no dream actually. It is also important to accept that, nightmares can be a symptom of a larger problem. Though they occur in adults, but still are at risk as they are the result of anxiety, depression or some disorder. They can be a problem when nightmares are a result of some serious issue like losing someone close, job or surgery or some accident. Nightmares can also be genetic. Another reason may be sleep apnea or restless leg symptom.

2. Prevent the nightmares:


There are many ways by which these can be controlled. After finding the reasons of your nightmares these can be controlled easily. If this is due to sleep apnea or restless leg problem, then you can consult the doctor. If the reason is anxiety or PTSD, then medicines available in the market like prazosin would be helpful or a checkup can do. It is important that you should speak to your doctor and give him the details of your nightmares; he will definitely get you out of this problem. Apart from these it is very important that you should not go to bed immediately after eating the food. This is a wrong habit. Make it the gap between your meal and sleep. This is because food increases the metabolism of the body and sends signals to the brain to become more active. So, cut the meal which is rich in sugar and eat lite. Stress is another which can be solved by doing yoga and meditation. These exercises reduce the stress and you feel free. Also, spending time with your friends and family reduces the stress. The habit of reading, roaming can help in reducing the stress. Also taking the hot bath before bed, helps in reducing the stress up to a great extent. If any above of the reasons are not matching then you should consult the doctor and show them the medications you are taking. Sometimes medicines also encourage the nightmares due to the drugs present in them. This problem can be solved by improving the way you sleep. Clean up your room and the bed and make it more comfortable. Also, get some physical exercise before bed. Not only this, reduces the content of caffeine and alcohol before you go to bed.

3. Encourage pleasant dreams:


Before you go to bed imagining a happy and peaceful place. Try to the beautiful scenery and think about the happy thoughts. If you get the nightmares regularly, try to talk to someone. Talk to someone who is close and you can trust. Sit with them and spend a quality time with them. Explain them all your dreams and then you will better. Relax and chill out, this will help in reducing the stress and so does the dreams. Apart from these, you can try the solution for imagery rehearsal treatment. This helps in reducing the insomnia and the nightmares. This activity is very helpful and you will feel more pleasant and relax like never before. Doctors help in this exercise, they make take it orally or written. In written patient is asked to write or draw the alternate endings of the nightmares. Before you go to bed, imagine that you get your dream job and you are visiting the most happening places you always craved for. Think that you have found your true love. All these exercises help you in reducing the nightmares.

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