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3 ways to reduce headache


Whenever you suffer from tensions or problems, headache is no fun. Headaches can be caused due to various problems but it can be avoided by many ways. Headaches sometimes can do big and results in migraines or even a chronic and debilitating problem. If you know the reason of your headache it can be easily worked out. Below given are the ways by which you can reduce the headache problem.

1. Use positive ways:


There are lots of positive ways which can be adopted to get rid of the problem of headache. Try to remain hydrated as much as possible and drink as much as you can. Not getting enough water according to the body can cause frequent issues of headaches. Drinking water helps you in relaxing up to a great extent. That is why medicine works which is taken with a glass of water.  If the reason of your headache is stress, then you must try to reduce stress first, headache then would not be a problem. Try to apply the stress management techniques and get rid of your stress. For this, you can even take the bubble bath with aromatherapy, which helps in reducing the stress up to a great extent. Getting together friends is also a good idea, friends generally helps in reducing the stress and fresh your mood. Above all, if you like to go for exercise, that would be great. Exercise releases all your tension and stress in a while and you will feel fresh like never before. The more you exercise, the more you feel better. Not much, try to take a 30 minute exercise and you will definitely feel better. The logic behind the exercise is that exercise helps in releasing the endorphins and improves your mood quickly. These are the some positive ways which everyone should adopt rather than going to doctor.

2. Take a rest and proper diet:


Take your beauty rest daily and sleep at least 8 hours daily. Proper sleep is very necessary to get rid of the headache problems. When you feel low in the daytime, try to take the 30 minute nap to reboot yourself and work like fresh. Sleep helps in keeping the mind at peace and you will feel energized. After taking a short nap during work time, you will be full of energy. Not only sleep, you need to take a proper diet to work well. Meals are very important part of your body. After doing long hours work, it is important that you must take a proper diet. Take the food which contains Omega-3 fatty acids, fruit, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. This food is really important to your body as it contains the proper nutrients, proteins and vitamins. This food helps in reducing the problem of daily headache problem. After you came home a long, busy day in between some foul smells, try an aroma bath. Spray lite scents in your hand, put cinnamon water in your temple at home. This will reduce your headache up to a great extent. Lavender or eucalyptus smell is very sweet and should be used in your temples, it will give you a fresh feeling. So next time you suffer from headache, try this at home.

3. Find out the causes:


If you have been at a party last night, hangover is the basic problem. Try to stay away from alcohol or tobacco if these hit you easily. These drugs can easily cause headache and you are the only one who can help yourself, so try to stay away from them. Caffeine can be the other substances which can cause the problem of headache. The reason behind caffeine is that it is diuretic and so you become dehydrated faster. So try to cut caffeine from your diet to avoid the headache problem. Rather drink plenty of water as much as you can. Not only the alcohol tries to control on your junk foods and stay away from them fast and fried foods are high in sodium, sugar and saturated fat which can be harmful for your health. If you get headaches regularly you have to avoid the junk foods totally. Headaches sometimes are caused by the seasonal changes. If you live in a place where bad weather is common, it’s time to move from the place. These seasonal changes can cause the headaches. Avoid taking pain relievers as you can get addicted to that, always try natural ways to get rid of headache problem and it will be quick and lasts long. Pain relievers have some side effects which can make you weak. It is reported that the pain killers like aspirin, naproxen cause rebound headache problem and reduce the tolerance power of your body. So next time when you get the headache, think of the reason and remember not to repeat it again and try to stay away from the pain killers and use some natural therapy like exercises, drinking water and relax. These ways will definitely help you in getting rid of the problem of headache and you will feel fine and perfect again.

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