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Acid Rains, Causes, effects and more !


Acid rain is the burning problem today. This is increasing day by day by day. Acid rain is caused when most of the chemicals get mixed in the rain and come to earth along with the rain. It has dangerous effects on our skin and others. Not only is the habitats it also affects the monuments, Taj Mahal one of the examples. Below given are the ways of how we can reduce the acid rain.

1.Spread the word:


This can be done by getting educated, learning what are the causes, effects and solutions. Also educate others, teach them how we can cope up with this problem together. Take a step to reduce this problem. Acid rain is just an acid deposition. It can be wet or dry. Wet acid rain can come in the form of rain, snow and fog while dry acid rain can come in the form of gases. The basic root problem of acid rain is us. The chemicals left in the air get mixed up and create harmful effects. Acid rain is basically a mixture of various oxides like nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxide. These chemicals go high up in the sky and get mixed with oxygen, water and other chemicals present in the atmosphere. The reason behind these chemicals could be the burning fossil fuel power plants to produce electricity. These power plants as reported also release other gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Not only cars and is this, the chemicals also come from the pollution from cars and other vehicles.


2. Harmful effects of Acid rain:


Now, after you know the basic cause of acid rain, it is time to know the harmful effects of acid rain. It is reported that, acid rain affects almost everything like human life, plants, animal, forests, lakes, rivers and the buildings. For human, it causes various problems like respiratory diseases: asthma. It affects the spoils and makes it less productive for the plantation. Not only is this, it also changes the pH level of the river water and kills the aquatic animal to a large extent. It harms the monuments and the statues. They tend to rust after getting wet from acid rain. This is a serious problem and it needs to be stopped as early as possible. For this, we have to get together and spread the words among all so that everyone takes the necessary step as possible. As far as governments are concerned, it has already passed a law in the year 1990 called “Clean Air Act Amendments”. This act helps in regulating the power plants outcome and caps the pollution. This is really a big step towards acid rain problem.

3. Solution to the problem:


Educate people and talk to your housemates that they should turn off the electronics items when not in use. This is important to reduce the vehicle pollution; CNG will work as a substitute. Take a step ahead and try to talk to the managers of power plants. Instead of using the coal, in the power plants, solar energy, wind energy and turbine energy can be used to create the electricity these days. They must reduce the use of coal, as coal is the most responsible substance for pollution in the environment. Coal use should be reduced and we try to use some more natural resources available. Next time when you go to buy a car, do some research and try to find out the car which has low nitrogen oxide emission. In the country United States, it is ruled that every year some greenest cars our chosen which are responsible of lowest air pollution and cause less harm by the chemicals. These are a very helpful step in reducing the problem of acid rain on the earth. We should get inspired and follow such steps.

4. Some other necessary steps:


Try to use the public transport when you are alone to travel, do not use your own car. This can reduce the pollution up to a great extent. If everyone follows this step, it is only the few transports which needs to be managed. Not only cars, bikes also have the same problem with them. You can also walk a small distance and can help in reducing the pollution problem up to a great extent. There are a lot of options available at home, which you should follow to take the necessary steps. You should use solar panels at home and help build your own electricity rather than using the one which is coming from the power plants after burning a huge amount of coal. When you buy a new electronic item try to see the mark which shows that it is less harmful to the environment. Some appliances available today consume very less electricity than the old ones, try to buy them and help this earth. Today everything like TV, refrigerators, lights is available in the market with very low power consuming capacity. When you use the air conditioner, try to learn the use because it takes a lot of energy to cool your room and now insulate your home so that the room does not get heated up so easily.


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