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3 ways to prevent black clothes from fading


Faded clothes always a frustrating thing, especially the black ones. Fading problem is common practice while washing the clothes or getting the clothes from the laundry. A few tricks while washing the clothes can help you in avoiding the fading problem and you will always get the clothes as it was before wash. These tricks are enough to keep your clothes new and shiny. Below given are the ways on how you can protect your clothes.

1. Some important washing practices:


The first point to remember is that you should have a habit of washing the clothes less, especially the new ones. Washing the clothes frequently can fade them fast. Washing cycle reduces the dye and eventually the cause of fading. If you have worn a cloth for a few hours you do not need to wash it, it can be worn again. This is how you can reduce the number of washing cycles. To treat the stains one can use the stain remover in between the washings and to remove the chalky residue from deodorant use a dry sponge. Pick the same shades and wash them together. Try to wash the black clothes with other dark clothes. Separate the light shades clothes. This is because if you mix them together dye and in the same shades clothes. Hence the clothes do of dark clothes tend to run towards light shade colors. The dye is reabsorbed after getting out. This sorting of colors help in a great manner. Apart from this, always turn the cloth inside out before giving it to a wash. Actually, the surface which is directly exposed to the abrasive washing suffers the maximum fade. Preserve the front, black side by turning the cloth. This color fades due to the friction in the washing machine or laundry. When clothes are rubbed with each other, friction tends to break the fibers. When the fibers are disrupted then human eye tend to see less colors, therefore it seems to be fading. To reduce the amount of abrasion and friction more, close the zippers and fasten the hooks.

2. Other washing practices:


Use cold water to wash the clothes as warm water tends to loosen the fiber and allow them to bleed. Especially the bright colors and black ones fade faster when washed in warm temperatures. Cold water should be ranged between 60 to 80 degree Fahrenheit. But temperature below this not recommended as the detergent powder will not be effective at this temperature. In cold seasons try to use a little warm water as the temperature cools down quickly. Try to keep the washing cycle small, as larger the circle larger the friction and more chances to fading. For washing, try to use good and specialized detergent. Detergent can help you wash the clothes in one turn and you do not need to rub them again and again. If you use the detergent labeled for dark colors, this may neutralize the chlorine in the tap water. Chlorinated water is responsible for fading. Do not use the bleach powder to remove the chlorine. It is reported that liquid detergent is better than the powder detergents as powder do not completely dissolve in the cold water while liquid detergents can. To dry your clothes avoid the dryer as this may tend to fade the black clothes. Better dry them in a warm place. Also avoid black clothes drying in the sun. Sun acts as natural bleach and it may fade the clothes up to a great amount. If dryer, is then necessary make sure it is not used for a long time. Take them out before it gets over dry. These are some good washing practices which should be adopted.

3. Use of chemicals:


There are various ingredients available in the home, which is helpful in keeping way the fading problem with clothes. Add vinegar to the rinse cycle. Vinegar acts as natural clothing softener which helps in keeping the clothes as it is. The smell of vinegar evaporates in air drying. Another option is to add a half cup of salt to the main compartment of the washing machine. Salt helps in preventing the color dyes and prevents them from bleeding. Apart from these you can also use the pepper, salt, which is easily available at home. 1 to 2 teaspoons of salt in the washing machine help the black clothes from fading. The abrasiveness of pepper, salt helps in removing the residue from the black clothes. These are some kitchen tips, which is available in every home. These are very simple and handy methods to get rid of the fading problem. Not only is this, you can also add some baking soda into the washer; this helps in preserving the clothes and keeps the print as it is. Another strong method is to brew 2 cups of coffee or tea, now rinse it. Pour this water into the washer and see yourself, the cloth will not fade. Coffee and tea are the natural dyes which help in strengthening the lack dye and keep the garment as it is. This method is very famous and is used by many people.

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