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3 ways on how to lead


It’s time to channel your energy. It’s time to lead. To lead, you should have different perception, a way of thinking which should be different from the rest of your colleagues. Exceptional leaders all over the world, set directions and goals that are comfortable to maximize results. They do their work ethically and make it all right. Anyone can lead, perhaps he knows the tricks. Below given are the ways by which one can lead anywhere they want.

1. How to get on top:


Alright, now you need a direction to get on top. Set-up to do that and follow this. You need to be a seer; you must have a clear vision. Every leader has the ability to think what happens next. When the computer was invented, Steve Jobs had a dream of the iPhone. When Usher and Justin Timberlake logged onto the You Tube, they saw Justin Bieber. This is how leader work, they chose their teammates wisely, who can maximize the potential, which has the ability to work for long. Once you set for the next goal, you are ready to see everything clearly out of it and work in the direction watching the failures and success. Next most important point in the list is to be patient. A Successful leader is the one who has faced a lot of challenges and failures in the career and still be patient to watch the success and work in the direction. Everything takes time and you have to be patient to face all. You have to be ready for everything like ‘I am here’. You should be a good follower first the only one day you can lead. Every leader has to be led first and learn how the system works, then only he can be a good leader. So be patient, take your time and everything going to be alright. You need to focus on your work more and learn.

2. Habits- to adopt:


There are some points that one should keep in mind. To become a leader you should have strength to face the challenges no matter good or bad. Believe in yourself. Every leader has a backbone and no one reaches the top without a dive. You need to be confident, firm on your decisions and strong character. Never underestimate the power of your teammates and always think ahead, but don’t be arrogant. Assume you have no power just work and let understand your power and decide your authority, which position should be granted to you. Power is never shouted from the hilltops or show off. Establish a team wide goal. Try to work with the team and establish the goal with them. Make a direction and the ways on how to work on the project. Innovate together, gain the trust of your teammates and maximize your work. Look in the mirror talk to yourself; make the list of the goals you wanted to achieve and now tick those, which are completed. Take it to a friend and ask if he could hire you. Work like this, be a go-getter. Reflect yourself, spend time with you and think what next and what you have done. This habit will help you in improving.

3. Being an effective leader:


Be a role model, set examples for others to follow you. Your team should look upon you. Use your powers for good. Be like water and adapt everything which comes on the way. Being adaptive is the first step for a good leader. Always ready to accept the little obstacles in the path and be a mentor. When someone comes to you for advice, use your powers, lead them. A good leader breeds better leader this is how you will gain more experience.  Another point to accept that all leaders face opposition. You should know how to tackle all the opposition and be good to them. Use the tricks and get clear of the issues, this is the part of leadership. Accept it. Apart from these, be ready to accept the changes. Sometimes obstacles come into life without a knock and it is inevitable. Always be prepared for such situations and ready to get over them. Manage the exception in the team. Try to look things as a team leader and as an individual, try to understand the things from the base and make it a bigger picture. Think outside the box and always try new ideas and note them which one is successful. Read the articles by successful people try to meet such persons and discuss things you are doubtful about. This is how you can be a good leader one day. A good leader is one who is respected by everyone and is totally ethical and fair in their work. They may not see your good work, but will definitely not your faulty work. Take care of this and give your team a sense of purpose. Also, always remember that you are a leader not a boss. Bossy nature might cut you from your team and they will start avoiding you. You have to hold your team by being good to them.

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