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3 ways to care for flower


Flowers are a symbol of life and happiness. If you have a garden at home or you are new to gardening, we are here to help you. Flowers need some care water and they will go fine. The fragrance of flowers can light up your mood and can cheer you up. Different plants have different requirements. Water and sunlight are the essential requirements of the plants. Fertilizers also play an important role in the life of plants. Fertilizers help them grow in a very strong and healthy manner. Below given are the ways by which you can maintain your flowers in different seasons and learn how they can survive in hard times.


1. Change the water time to time:


This is the very basic thing to keep your flowers alive. Because of the bacteria present in water can make flowers wilt and they grow old. To avoid this, you can change the water on the plants day to day and can replace it with lukewarm water. Another way is to treat the water regularly to avoid the bacterial growth. All you have to do this is to add two tablespoons of sugar and vinegar in the water. Moreover penny at the bottom of the vase of flower can keep it fresh for a long time. Talking about the stems of the flowers, different flowers have different stems. Try to cut the bottoms of the stem slightly when you change the water. Cutting the stems at 45 degrees can make them absorb water and they will remain fresh for a little longer. Moreover, for the plants like lilacs, split the bottom and milky stemmed flowers like daffodils, try not to mix them with other flowers in the bouquet. The milk released from these flowers can harm the other flowers. Cutting down the bottoms is a very basic point to help the plant absorb the water. This is valid for the jar plants or indoor plants. Garden plants just need a good soil, proper amount of water and fertilizers.

2. Look out for temperature:


The place should not be too hot or too cold. This can harm the flowers and make them wilt more quickly. Let them place at the place where the temperature is normal. Tropical flowers can go in warmer temperature. Apart from these, take care of the flowers by regularly checking up on them. If there are too many leaves, cut them. Cutting down extra flowers or leaves in the mud of the plant itself, helps in reducing the bacteria. If the wilted flowers remain in the water, it will encourage the growth of bacteria. So better remove them. For this, do not use the scissors, it may hurt the plant and reduce the capacity of absorbing the water. Rather use proper tools to cut the leaves, as used by gardeners. Not only is this, to keep the flowers strong, there are useful preservatives available in the market. Go for these preservatives and you can be your flower more easily. As the days turn into bight plants lose heat. Cloudless days need more water to plants. In summer days, plants need more water than the winters. The sun evaporates all the water from the soil quickly and made it dry. So try to water plants, one in the morning and another in the evening. Plants have life and it is our duty to take care. Talking about the winters, if the temperature falls down very much the plant may die. It’s necessary to put you may affect the plants indoor plants out in the daytime to get some sunlight. The falling temperature may affect the plants and they may die because of the lack of sunlight. Sunlight helps in making the food for plants, and if there is no food, there will be no survival.

3. Look out for pest problems:


Garden plants are more prone to pests. Check out regularly for the pests and use some fertilizers which are available in the market. Fertilizers encourage the growth of the plant and make them grow big and fresh. Also, you must look out for the sun; direct sunlight in summers can harm the plants and can burn the leaves. Though the sun is necessary for the plants which provide them everything but direct sunlight can be harmful, so take care of it. Above all, the most important thing is that you must take care of the soil. If the soil is not good, the plant cannot grow better. Suitable soil can give plants all the necessary nutrients which are important for the growth of the plat if you have a really big garden, your flowers need more attention. Keep watering them regularly. Look out from the flowers if they get any frost or weeds. Weeds need to be removed as early as possible. Try to remove the weeds in one day or two regularly while water them. For the frost, proper covering is available in the market. Keeping these points in mind, do your gardening. Gardening gives peace and happiness. It takes us closer to the nature. So take an hour daily from your life and do gardening.

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