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3 theories that can change the way you perceive the world around


Reality is a complex word. Not in its state of phonetic language or the comprehended use of vowels or consonants in the mere seven lettered word. Rather it adheres its complexity in its terms of practical use, in the way it’s defined.

Reality is defined by the state of things as they actually exist. But do we know for sure that these are the upmost reality we’re looking for and not the reflection of the comprehensive part of world that media dishes out for us. For the particular reason, to have a broader meaning of realities, we tend to incline towards philosophies and theories. And for once, what we believe in they might be as wrong as any other thing in this sheer world, and yet they propose us to think of the possibilities and perception.

Various philosophers and scientists have worked their way off to put forward several statements that tend to change the way we perceive the world. Here we present you some of the theories that will setback your mind to another dimension.


Solipsism is a philosophy that believes in a theory that says individual consciousness only ceases to exist in this world. And what you believe as the world you live in is nothing but illusion. Like the quote that goes by, ‘Trust No one’ – it tells us that anything but knowledge of one’s own thought is too good to believe into.

At first you would think this off as an obnoxious making of a ludicrous mind. Yes, it might be and yet might be not. When really given a thought about it, it makes perfect sense as everything else. To give the thought a try, just look around and take an attempt to verify a particular thing without your own consciousness.

Still seems unbelievable to you? Try to think of the world setting you made up in your dreams. Was that too conceivable to believe in? So what makes you to dispose of the possibility of this world as one big incredible convoluted dream? Does it bothers you that we can feel everything around us that descripts the mere possibility of its realisation then you might be interested to know the persons who are very much addicted of LSD drug are caught up saying that they could touch their hallucinations. But it’s quite sure thing to say that whatever they perceive then is far away from reality. Well, we think we made our point here.



Think that the last theory almost blew your mind into tremendous fragments and you’re trying to think that further reading of the phrases coming now can affect you hard. Well, good thing for you every word you read in the last para will terminate its existence after you’ve read it until unless you are going to open it once more in near future. Although, that is also not quite true future is as imaginary as Santa Claus and time ceases to exist beforehand and after it happened, as explained by St. Augustine. Feeling dizzy enough?

The theory suggests that what we perceive as time is not something that can be doctrine into events and entities. Only the objects and ideas that are happening in the present exist, and all the concepts of future and past are nothing but part of imaginations. Presentism believes that things that have happened, are going to happen are not real at all, only the present is real and be counted upon. It sets to contradict with the theories of growing block theory of time, and also eternalism which describes the aspects of past and future as different entities. Also, St. Augustine proposed present as a knife that cuts an edge between past and future and thus leaving any chances of it prevailing in an prolonged period of time.


Brain in a vat

The brain in a jar is an experimental thought that flows along with the argument of Solipsism we talked about earlier. This experiment is based on the idea that human ideology of its understandings of realism is based upon the impulses it receives about its idiosyncratic feelings. It might come to you straight from a calibration of short stories, you read about in your childhood about some scientist who went way along in its experiments beyond human proximities and took the brains out and put that in a jar with the spinal fluid, which is connected to some type of device he designated that can control the brain’s subjective feelings. Too hard to believe into such science fiction?

However, many research analysts, scientists and mostly philosophers have given this idea a thought. And it’s a pretty sceptical idea in its true sense that can be used in tremendous amount of thought analysis that would put our ideas, and dreams into the desk. The theory says that, if the brain is to be given the same impulse in the jar as it will if was placed in a skull, then it would lead to stimulating reality where the brain would not be able to clarify its perspective whether it’s in a certain environment or under some experimental liquid of a mad scientist.


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