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3 steps to find out if the guy is a flirt


He is not that into you! Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a guy is flirting or not. Just when you are sure that he is the perfect guy you are looking for, the guy of your dreams, he may suddenly start giving you cold shoulders and mixed signals. It can be quite a menace when you want to know if a guy is flirting or not. He can be very nice at times and can ignore your phone calls at the others. You will both of the gestures as cute as a puppy. They can be, at times even a little bit mean to you. Then what are the sure shot signs to know if the guy is really into you or just fooling around with your emotions. Whether he is worth being your life partner or using you as his pass time, will be decided if you follow the following simple steps.

1. If you are the only one!


Gather yourself with friends and colleagues. See whether he is flirtatious with only you or is just another trait of his. If he gives you special attention among all others, then probably the bells are about to ring some good news. He might have something for you in particular. But if he is like a flirt with every other girl, then it probably means that he is naturally charismatic. It does not imply that he is just plain naughty and a bad boy. He might be charming and flirting is something which comes naturally to him. The next time you are with him, observe the way he treats your friends and other women. If his job is to be polite and humble with others, then do not judge him when he is working. Take him when he is off the clock. Do not put too many efforts in knowing him while he is on the job. This will give you a better sign of his approaches. He may not be truly flirting with you, if he talks in the same loving manner with every girl round the block.

2. Do not get touchy!


If the guy is flirting with you, then he will find odd reasons to touch you. He will stay close to you, linger around your presence. While passing things, he will unnecessarily make decent advances and will always want to get close to you. Do not take him for having wrong intentions always; at times he might just be trying too hard to touch you because he is flirting with you. But be cautious if he gets way beyond his limitations and your good imagination, he might be getting too touchy to be flirty. Brushing against you, resting his hand on your back or shoulder, or may be sit extra close to you are just signs you are probably looking for. If he often blushes while around you or when your hand accidentally touches his, then it is a sure sign that he is flirting with you and is in awe with you. His cheeks go red when you laugh at one of his jokes or compliment him for wearing your favorite shirt. Time to rover around ladies, he might just be the perfect guy you are looking for. Check out his face the next time he says anything cute, see if his heart skips a beat before you respond. If the guy does have feelings for you, he will be a true flirt to you. Flirty guys are not always bad. Sometimes they flirt just because they want to seek your attention. Believe it or not, a guy who is accidentally at the same place around you every time, then it ought not a coincidence. He would be interested in you. And the funny part of the story is that some guys are not even aware of their gesture, which is you cannot say if they are doing it consciously or not.

3. Diehard smile


A lovely smile is a very good sign of being sure that the guy is interested to be with you. You might not be as funny as Charlie Chaplin but your mere presence makes him feel good. He will be constantly maintaining an eye contact with you. He will not pretend to be listening to everything you say but will actually be paying attention. He finds the conversation with you engaging and worth a laugh or two. He is constantly making funny and sweet remarks on you. But if those remarks turn mean and in front of your friends then chuck the guy instantly. He has paid enough attention to the pickups that what you would be secure and insecure about. If you notice that he smiles at you often, there is a good chance that he likes you and wants to approach you. Just start a conversation yourself. Do not play too hard to get. Initiate small talks, may be the guy is too shy to do it himself.

There is nothing more mortifying that getting the cues wrong. If you identify your guy’s mere politeness as his flirt behavior, then you will be heartbroken. Learn to play by the rules!


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