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3 simple ways to use solar energy in our day to day lives


Sun is an important source of energy and it is evident that we cannot live without the energy that is produced by the sun. When there is an increase in temperature, tend to be aware of the condition and move away from sunlight. But this sunlight can be used in numerous ways to improve our lifestyle. There are a lot of products that are available these days, which run on solar energy. Some of the solar based applications that can help us in our day to day application have been mentioned:

Solar Batteries:

Since we depend on electricity for almost everything and also since there are a lot of power failures these days, we need to look at an alternate source of energy to make sure that we live our lives without any hiccups. When there is a power failure, there are numerous number of ways in which we are affected and hence these alternate sources of energy are of great use. We have started to hear about portable phones which charge by itself from the sun. There is even the device which powers the mobile phone but it charges itself using solar power. Instead of having these devices, a centralised solar unit would do the jobs which is done by all these devices. There are a lot of companies that provide solar solutions. Some of the effective battery companies provide its customers with state of the art solar cells, which converts sun’s energy into electrical energy. In doing so, a lot of money is saved and since sun is seen at plenty in a country like India, many of the conventional sources like Televisions, Lights and Fans can completely run on this source of energy. When there is a solar plant in our homes, there is no need to worry about power. The solar plant also recharges the batteries in our homes. 850 KVa batteries can be recharges using this cells and this can be used to run all the appliances at home.


Solar Water Heaters:

Hot water is an essential commodity in almost all homes. We use hot water from anything ranging from bathing, cleaning utensils to even distilling places of interest with children. In doing so, a lot of energy is spent in heating up the water. This can be avoided by using the heating systems which function using the solar power. It consists of cold water running through pipes which are exposed individually to the sun. When the water is exposed for a long time, a constant heating is obtained and then the water is stored in a small tank. This tank is individually connected to the pipes and taps that are available at home and thus hot water is obtained at the expense of the environment, without the use of any source of energy. This is one of the best methods to heat water and it is also the cheapest method. Another advantage of this method is that no matter what happens, even in the case of power failure, hot water is still obtained. In communities where there are a lot of people, all the people in the community can invest and buy a single solar water heater. This will be of great advantage as the cost that is incurred in the initial investment is saved. People think that the solar heater does not produce the same amount of heat that an electric heater can produce. The contrary fact is that solar water heaters can produce more heat than what people expect out of it. In most of the hospitals and places of social importance, solar water heaters are already put into use and the result that it has produced is quite extraordinary as well.


Solar lamps and lights:

Solar lights have become of immediate necessity to the future generation. With the power requirements across states soaring high, people have become aware about the fact that they need to move to alternate sources of energy in the near future. One of the important sources of electricity consumption is always lighting at home. Since the power producing companies are also struggling to meet the requirement, solar power can be used. When this requirement is met with the help of solar energy, it is well and good. Government and private facilities have also realised the potential of these lights and it has made sure that these lights are installed in many of its facilities. The main advantage of this light is that it charges during the day and it can be stored, so that it can be used at night. This is a very important feature that many solar companies failed to meet. When there can be a delay in the use by storing the energy, a lot of money is saved. These solar powered lamps make use of LED lights, which are extremely efficient. When a lot of lighting is required, the number of LED’s can be increased and thus the lighting can also be improved. LED’s use only a fraction of the power that is required to run a normal electric lamp. Therefore, a lot of money is saved in this case.


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