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3 Religions without the Concept of God


Religion is something which we are born into, in most of the cases at least. One is usually said to follow a particular religion, mainly because their parents follow that. And then there are people who change their religion after they grow up. Then there are people who do not believe in any sort of religion, popularly known as Atheists. What is religion basically based on? Most of us might say the belief in God. Yes, most religions do talk about God. Some of you may say that almost all religions talk about the existence of God and tell us that we all should believe in God. But that is not true. Not all religions believe that there is God. Yes, one cannot deny that the most popular religions in the world do believe in the existence of God like Christianity, Hinduism. The main reason why religion was born was to give man hope and support. Emotional, mental and spiritual hope and support. One cannot deny that religion gives all of this to human kind. As time passes by humans have started to take religion way too seriously that they have started fighting about Gods as their own. No religion proofs the existence of God, they just talk about God. Here are some religions which do not believe in the existence of God:

1 Primitive Religion:

download (3)Primitive Religion is that religion which came first, before all the other religions did. This religion was born basically out of the need for emotional, mental and intellectual support. This sort of religion was followed by primitive man. In Primitive Religion, men were said to have worshiped the spirits of almost every other thing. In case of too much rain, they would pray to the spirit of rain to prevent flooding and if some animal was going to attack them they would pray to the spirit of the animal to calm down and to save them. The more the negative the force would be, the more praying they would have to do in order to calm down the negative vibe of that particular force. When religion, initially began the concept of God was not there at all. The human mind had not completely developed in order to think or find any sort of metaphysical truths. The people were basically led by one person who claimed to know more about the spirits than the others.

2 Buddhism:

Buddhism, is indeed one of oldest religions in the world. It is an extremely popular religion in South East Asia, more popular than it is India, the country where it actually originated. Buddhism is one such religion which has fascinated almost everyone who has ever come across it at some point of time or the other. And without any doubt, almost all of us know the story of the Gautama Buddha. As we all know it was the suffering of people around him that made him give up his Princely lifestyle. But one thing which very few people are aware of is that fact that Buddha never talked about God. He always maintained a metaphysical silence. He believed that God is not someone or something which a common people like us can ever experience in our lives. If one does not know what God is then there is no point in talking about. Also that one should focus more on freeing themselves or reducing their sufferings rather than worshipping God. Buddha’s preaching have always been about freeing the human kind from suffering and helping them in attaining Nirvana.


But one may argue that we do see the Buddhists worshipping the statue of Gautama Buddha, so how can one say that they do not believe in God? The Buddhists worship the statue of Gautama Buddha because of the calm look on his face. Buddha is only a God head, to whom they offer their prayers to because they do not know to whom else should they offer their prayers to. Buddhism became a religion way after the death of Gautama Buddha. For the matter of fact Gautama Buddha never claimed to be God or a God like figure. He believed that he was just an ordinary man. When Buddhism turned into a religion, the people who wrote down his preachings decided to offer the prayers to him.

3 Jainism:

Jainism, is another extremely prominent religion in India and also over the globe. Jainism is as old a school as Buddhism. It also grew out of the discontent against the authority of the Vedic system. This system also has its roots in India. Jainism was founded by the Tirthankaras. There were in total 23 Tithankaras, out of which the 23rd was the most prominent one. The 23rd and the last Tithankara was known as Mahavira or Vardhamana. But the interesting fact is that none of these Tithankaras claimed themselves to be Gods.

They believe that the world is eternal and not created and needn’t be ruled. They are devoted to the Jina, who is the liberated one, he is also known as the Param Devta. He is omniscient and a God head and has annihilated all his Karmas. Prayers are addressed to him for bliss, but they must go unrewarded, as he has attained liberation and is free from all emotions and so he is not affected by it in any manner. Religion for them is to practice the teachings taught to them by the Tithankaras. So the concept of God in Jainism is reduced to a God head.


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