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3 Reasons Why You Should Live Like The King or The Queen


Let me start with something funny. There was an elderly couple and they’d been married for over 60 years. They were at a church fellowship and someone asked them the secret of their success. The man told how he always treated his wife with total respect and took her on trips all over the world. He said – “In fact on our 25th anniversary, took her to Beijing, China.” Everyone kind of clapped. Someone stood up and said” What did you do for your 50th anniversary.” He said – “I went back and picked her up.” Yeah, the story does not have anything to do with living like the king or the queen but it depicts that you can live a happy long life if you love yourself and your close ones truly. Many people go through life intimidated and insecure and think that everyone is smarter and brighter, more talented and more beautiful. They put others on a pedestal and look down on themselves. So, here are some things that you need to know why you should live like you are the royalty.

1. You have greatness within you too.


It is good to celebrate for people and become happy for their accomplishments but let me tell you that you are someone to be celebrated, you are talented, you are smart and you are attractive. There is something great about you and you are not supposed to always be celebrating others. You need to learn to celebrate yourself. We hear people say – “You should see how beautiful my cousin is.” or “My classmate is an awesome football player.” and that is fine. But you can not get so caught up in how great they are that you lose sight of how great you are. You are also good at something that they are not. So stop making the mistake of idolizing people. Don’t put them on such a pedestal and think ther are so much smarter and more talented that you feel intimidated like you don’t quite measure up. Of course, they may have more natural strength, more talent of ability but the truth is that they also have faults and weaknesses just like we all do. You can say – “You know what! I am also smart. I am also great. I am talented too.”

2. Think Yourself as worthy.


There was a mayor of the city going through a parade with his wife sitting next to him. He waved at the different people in the crowd and at one point he spotted his wife’s former boyfriend. He owned the local gas station. He kind of snickered and whispered to his wife – “Aren’t you glad that you didn’t marry him otherwise you also would have been working at a gas station.” His wife said – “No! If i would have married him, he would be the mayor.” You got to know who you are. You are the child of the most high god. God greets his life into you and you have royal blood flowing into your veins. He crowned you with his honor and favor. So, just walk confidently, talk confidently and think confidently. People are going to treat you the way you present yourself. If you have a less than mentality, you go around intimidated and don’t look people in the eye. You barely speak up when you talk. By this you are communicating without realizing that you are not important and don’t deserve anybody’s attention. The thing is to adopt a habit of looking people in the eye and it doesn’t matter if they are richer, wealthier or more talented than you. They are no more than other child of god than you are. Make sure your posture is good. Stand up tall. Just be proud of who you are. Think yourself as worthy. Why? Because you are.

3. See Yourself in A Crown.


There was a ceremony going on in England where they were honoring the queen. When the queen walked in the room you could feel the strength, the competence that emanated from her. She had her head held high with a pleasant smile. She waved at everyone like they were all her best friends. What’s interesting is that there were many important people in the room. There were presidents, world renowned movie stars, top entertainers, famous athletes, CEOs, scientists who were some of the most talented people around. With due respect, Queen was not the most beautiful woman in the room. There were ladies who were much younger, more beautiful but by the way the Queen carried herself you would have though that she was the Cat’s Meow. She had it going on strong, confident and secure. The queen was not the most talented person in the room, not the most educated, not the fittest and not even the wealthiest. A lot of people would have been intimidated by such thing but not her. You know why? Because she knows who she is. She is the queen. She comes from a long line of royalty. It has been ingrained in her thinking – “You are not ordinary. You are not average. You are exceptional. You are one of a kind.” It is not something she does that gives her this confidence. It is not something she wears that gives her the confidence. But it is solely based on the fact who she is. When you understand who you are, it will drive all intimidation and all inferiority. You can put your shoulders back and go around competent and secure. We all have got a royalty in our bloodline that comes from nothing but the creator of the world. We should see ourselves in a crown and walk like we are the royalty. When you know who you truly are, you can be like the queen and just walk in the room with 80s smile. So guys, live your life like you are the king and girls live your life like you are the queen.

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