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3 life lessons from The Leader Who Had No Title



An international best selling author, Robin Sharma is an inspiration to millions of people across the world. His books- ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’, ‘Who will cry when you die?’, etc. are international bestsellers. His last book ‘The Leader who had no title’ is a masterpiece as well. This book has numerous important life lessons that will help you lead a great life. The story is about an ex-soldier, Blake Davis. Blake was drafted back to America from Iraq. His life has no motivation, no direction. He meets his father’s old friend, Tommy Flinn, who turns his life around. Here are the 4 life lessons from The Leader Who Had No Title.

1. You do not need a title to lead: I.M.A.G.E.

The first and most important lesson from the book is that you do not need a title to be a leader. To take LWT principle to the next level, Robin Sharma derived an abbreviation- IMAGE. I stands for innovation. M stands for mastery. A stands for authenticity. G stands for Guts. E stands for ethics. What ever you do, you need to innovate frequently. Innovation is the basic trait of all geniuses. If you don not even try something new, how will you know weather it works or not? Next point- master. Become a master of what you do. Be the Leonardo Da Vinci, or William Shakespeare of your field. The third point is Authenticity. Whatever you do, it is important for you to stay true to yourself. You need to be yourself and do what you love doing. The fourth point is guts. This one is very important. A lot of talented people perish, do you know why? They lack guts. Guts to go out and live their dreams. They lack guts to innovate. They lack guts o take a difficult step. So for you to succeed in life, guts are really important. The last point is Ethics. Ethics stands for being true to your values and keeping your good name intact. It is one of the extinct trait in human being, which needs to be resurrected. Never underestimate the importance of Ethics.

2. Turbulent Times Make Great Leader: S.P.A.R.K.

The area of discomfort is what most of us resist. But it is in this area where leaders are developed. Leadership is not a cake walk, you need to face the tough paths. But sadly most of us resist the tough path. For this concept, Robin Sharma derived the abbreviation- SPARK. S stands for ‘speak with candor’. P stands for Prioritize. A stands for adversity breeds opportunity. R stands for respond versus react. K stands for Kudos for everyone. The first point is speak with candor. Today, life is full of complications. No wait. We make our life full of complications. This complication has transferred to our communication as well. So, It is important for us to speak the truth as much as we can. Next point is Prioritize. The world is full of distractions. Television, social media, gossips. All these distractions are nothing but energy vampires. So, it important for us to prioritize our lives and do the things that matter the most. R stands for respond versus react. Whenever tough times hit you, it is important to respond instead of react. Respond to them with grit, patience and strength. A very powerful idea. The last point is Kudos for everyone. Man is a social creature. He sub consciously craves for praise and appreciation. So offer as much sincere appreciation as you can. Remember appreciation, not flattery!

3. The Deeper Your Relationships The Stronger Your Leadership: H.U.M.A.N.

The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives. Man is a social animal. Building relationships is a common need of human beings. For this, Robin Sharma derived an abbreviation- HUMAN. H stands Helpfulness. U stands for Understanding. M stands for Mingle. A stands for Amuse. N stands for Nurture. The first point, Helpfulness, is an apparent one. Life is just too short to be selfish. So go out there and help as many people as you can.  U stands for Understanding. It is so easy for us to admonish someone. But it’s time we understand that maybe the person is going through a tough phase. Next point is Mingle. It is so important for us to go out there and build relationships with people (mingle). Next point is amuse. Life’s not supposed to be taken seriously. Having fun while working will enhance our productivity. The last point is Nurture. It is important to not just do business, but nurture yourself along. This will help you a lot in the long run.

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”




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