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3 Kind of People to Stay Away From in your Unpaid Internship


With the recession coming around every damn time you are out of some graduation or course you were taking to help you pursue your carrier in an eventful manner, unpaid internships are being a top notch excuse to your curriculum vitae. And they are mostly viable and great to have in the first place; if not at least we think so.

They offer a prodigious way for struggling artist in the random forte, and other technical bumps to deceive into the ideology of the perfect track that would help and lead them on the paying gig later on.  Well who are they fooling around? Soon there would be the realization of the world they live around with some fat debt around their neck and no real job around their neck. Well, we don’t want to be demeaning to the aspiring here; we’re just breaking some ice in generality here. But before that, we want to present some of the people that would later be a hurdle on the path you’re dogging. It’s a definite thing you’ll meet them in your work around and we think you should certainly feel fear around in these internships we talked about.

The “it” girl

It wouldn’t be a task of much work of recognize here, as she’s a catch already. Before you know, she would be already imprinted in your mind by this time. And if you have not met her already, look for the girls around in your internship with gleaming earrings, we think you would then get easily. She’s someone with perfect sense of dressing and her humour, her hair is never out of place and her bag is never out of fashion. And you would wonder the way she has hysterically white teeth and her face is glowing with just the ting glam like she has come out of shower just out lately while it’s true that she has the same tram transport as your own self yet yours is just a hot mess around with whatever you picked up off the ground on short notice to present the well out of league in the same place where you’re working with the girl.

Her presence would be comfy and yet not comfortable at the same time and you would left deliberately pondering over how that could be. She would be always pleasant to you with the plastic smile that seems amusingly real pasted over. She would invite you over in her apartment for spending some quality time where you would meet up with her girlfriends who would be like her on the pleasing side, and you would have nothing left to do, apart from swimming around with smiles that are amusingly real.  She would be very helping on your side, and if the case arises will lend a hand for completing some work you have trouble completing. Don’t let her seize that at all.  She might end up to be the person who gets a call from office to continue her work after the summer on a pay roll. Don’t try to outdo her, you’ll fail. She got nothing on you fella, and you are a wrecked ship for now. You have not the sheer idea how far this gets. Trust us, look for those earrings.


The guy with the strings

Man, you would not want to get on field with this guy. He can be anyone in the freaking universe, yet the case is often that he’s just not anyone. You know why, because his dad owns mostly of the shares or a friend of the person you’re working for, might even be the diner with the community head, or someone in the industry or hell, and might know someone from an indie band. As we said above, you would not want to get on field with him, there’s no case in parallel universe you can outdo him even if the fact and stats show that you’re better and hardworking than he is. So how far does the thing goes around the work, the fact remains the same. Despite good at whatever you do, you don’t have connections and he does, and so does happens with the job. The best thing you can do about the scenario is get him around the store room and make something good fall over. Make it look like an accident. Wink. Wink.

 Cell Guy

Hot Guy out of the Band

There is no possibility of clauses here; the guy is certainly in your internship program. There might be a certain number of occasions that will be way embraced in your mind where you’ve met him. He is a distraction, but a hot one at that. He is a smiling devilish hot content, and instant likeable.  Everyone knows you’re good at whatever you do compared to him, but everybody like him nonetheless. You might probably sleep with him if the timing and legends are right. Which is mostly the case for him, but he will not see you again after that. Probably you’ll meet him at work where he’s present already with that smile amusing everyone. You would become chipped off from your internship and your work will suffer. At the end, you will end up with a grieving memory, a bit more than job involvement from your internship program, a little less amount of wad, and another hurdles showing up from actually getting a paid internship.

P.S. He’s still in band, has a paid job, and is immensely hot. In case you were wondering.

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