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3 Harmful Social Networking Sites


Social networking is a recent phenomenon which has taken over the world in almost half a century. Every other day there is a new social networking websites or apps coming up and some of them make it huge. Most of our phones is full of these apps and as time goes by and as these new apps and websites make their place in our lives, we seem to be getting more and more addicted to them. They are taking over our lives and we seem to let them do so. But there are some of these social media websites which have made it really large and seem to be having all the wrong effects. Now it’s more than just a website for getting in touch with friends. Well here are some such websites which have made it huge and are now more than social media websites and the affects that it has had on people:

1 Facebook:

It all started with Hi5 followed by Mayspace and Orkut. But no one, I repeat no one made it as big as Facebook did. Once Facebook opened up to public in the year 2004 slowly and steadily almost every got on to it and now it’s like a whole new world. You can find anybody literally anybody and everybody on Facebook. From your batch mates to the stalkish neighbor, everyone has a Facebook account. It has become like a compulsory thing to have an account on Facebook. The best part of it is that one gets to remain in touch with their old friends and see what they are up to these days.


But now-a-days, the reason why people log on to Facebook has totally changed. It’s mostly about uploading pictures and boasting about the places one went to and the food one had and the relationship one is in. Most of the people put out their whole lives on Facebook and then they wonder how people know everything about it. It has known to destroy as many relationships as it has known to build. Stalkish tendencies of people have increased because of this. If one stops replying then they go on Facebook as to check whether the other person is online or not or whether that person is avoiding them or not.

2. Twitter:


Originally a website created for texting is now a micro-blogging site, a site where you can find all the famous people and can follow them. The main purpose of the website was to help people communicate with one another in 140 characters. But nothing ever remains the same, or does it? Twitter made it as huge as Facebook and in no time. People follow one another and celebrities, take part in intellectual conversations and are better aware about the things which are happening around them. But everything does have a negative side and so does twitter. People follow each other, talk on twitter and post tweets which mean nothing. If one is on twitter, they will find people tweeting as to what they are eating and when they are sleeping and what not.  Now the website has become less of interaction and more of pointless talk. Somehow, people are still addicted to tweeting pointless things. Tweeting is like a trend these days, no matter what you tweet, you just tweet.

3. Tumblr:

Tumblr, popularly a blogging website created by David Karp and recently bought by Yahoo. Tumblr has basically a mixed crowd where no one needs to know the other person name or even anything about the person one is following. In the beginning tumblr is all about reblogging pretty pictures and reading fan fiction and what not. But sooner or later the obsession takes place. To begin with it’s all a healthy obsession you put your feelings out there and there is no one there to judge you and you find funny things and laugh about it and show it to your friends and share it on facebook and act cool. But after a point it starts to get real serious. You sit with your tumblr page open and reblogging anything and everything and before you know your reblogging limit is over and you sit and wait for the day to get over so that you can start reblogging again. If one does exceed the reblogging limit it does not mean that one stops spending their time on it, they continue to go through their dashboard and start liking things. The obsession takes such a huge turn after a point that all they do is spend time on tumblr. Cannot sleep? Open the tumblr app. Gone out and bored? Tumblr. Just got back home? Tumblr. After a point your display pictures on facebook, BBM and whatsapp are all quotes and pictures off Tumblr.tumblr-logo-rectangle-white-on-blue-839x385px

There is no doubt about the fact that obsession is bad. Where would we be if there had been no social networking sites? We would’ve probably lost touch with all our old friends and would be spending our time doing something productive. These social networking sites have certainly brought down the productive ability of the future generations as they spend almost all their free time on it. But, then everything has its negatives and positives, doesn’t it? Social Networking is a blessing as well as a curse in disguise. It is a blessing all when we know how to use it right and a curse because of the way it is being used now. So be wise and do not let social networking sites ruin you.

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