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3 Epics Which Must Be Read


Oh My God!!! What an epic dress u got! EPIC- a word that we use to signify something great, something big. But being a literature student I have to counter this word in a totally different manner and perspective. For a literature person it is not just an adjective but it changes its form to a noun. Basically, an epic is a long narrative in which there is the concept of heroism and the Hero of the epic has the responsibility of the whole world and he undergoes different adventure and scenarios to protect the people of the world. In this adventure he confronts many situations and problem, which he has to overcome in the stipulated time, and if he fails then it is the failure of the whole world. Therefore, he is the one who has the burden for the change needed in the culture or tradition of the world.


Here is the three epics which are unprecedented and interestingly from different background but having the same characteristics as of heroism, war and battle, etc.


The Odyssey

This is the epic of the ancient civilization of the world i.e., The Greek Civilization retelling the story of the Hero Odysseus who undergoes the journey of his life with his indomitable bravery and intelligence. Originally written in poetic dialect of Greek and attributed to Homer, it is a sequel to again an epic- The Iliad. Odysseus struggles a lot to reach to his homeland Ithaca to his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus. This epic teaches us how to survive even in the deadliest situation, how to differentiate between the use of wit and power according to the demand. This very epic is also known for its Meta narrative i.e., story within the story. It is also assumed that this is an oral epic, which has passed generation to generation orally and then further composed. No doubt, it is considered as one of the earliest and renowned works of Western Civilization.

the odyssey



Based on the longest battle ever fought, it is the epic, which is attributed to great saint Ved Vyas. It is also said that Ved Vyas is the teller of the story of this epic but the writer is Lord Ganesha himself. This epic is about the dynastic fight between the Kurus- Kauravas and Pandavas. In this epic, one can find vivid facets of love, relationship, power, war, intelligence, Dharma, peace, conflict, etc. It tells about the insult of Draupadi as well as her revenge taken. It tells us about the pride of Duryodhana as well as his fall at the end. Overall, it teaches us that no matter how much powerful you are and how much power is associated with you but if you are on the wrong side of the nature or if you are with the ‘Adharma’ then you are going to suffer very badly. The death of Bhishma, Karna as well as Drona signifies the very same. There was change in the Yuga just after the war and Avatar sent for the purpose was Lord Krishna. One major issue of this epic, which we can relate to this era also is the insult of women which constantly is in practice.

mahabharata_war ganesh-writing-mahabharata

Paradise Lost

Written in 17th Century by John Milton, this epic is really very aptly portrayed by using beautiful creation of the God. Bitterly disappointed with the Restoration, blind at that time, Milton wrote this while he was in the danger of execution. There is heavy debate on this piece of work of his that whether this literary work “justifies the way of God to men” or shows the cruelty of Christianity. After reading this epic, one will really be confused about the character of “Satan”. According to him it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven. Undoubtedly, Milton has illustrated Satan in a way, which shows the power and confidence, which even a villain, can possess. We will also be forced to think about the nature of Eve as what was the real cause behind her eating of the apple from the ‘Forbidden Tree’. It may be the temptation of her towards the knowledge of the world to which God forbade her or it may also be her fragile nature to be tempted by just listening her elaborated praise by Satan. It is a Biblical story about the Fall of Man written in blank verse. Even today the nature of men and women is inferred from Adam and Eve. After having the words of this Epic one can easily get through the complex origination of human being (though not scientifically proven) as well as their nature and behavior.

paradise lost


So, these are the three epics, which one must go through at least once in their lifetime. We should understand that even though they are the part of mythology of our culture but they teach us a lot of things, which are undoubtedly useful and are worth of paying heed.


Happy Reading.

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