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3 Easy To Make Braids


Hair loss is one of the most scariest things that can ever happen to anyone, be it whether a man or a woman. But, most of the men do not realize that their hair is falling for some time around, at least they realize it a little latter than women. Women with long hair get alarmed quite easily with the amount of hair that falls every time they brush or comb their hair. The urban lifestyle is such that the stage of hair fall comes quite early. Young women start balding and their hair line starts receding. Sometimes this can be seen with teenagers too. One of the main reasons as to why the hair line recedes is because women tie their hair very tightly at the back, which causes the hair to pull and loosen itself from the root and later fall. The hairstyles which cause this are the well loved ponytails and buns. If ponytails and buns cause that then what should one make? The answer is simple, one should prefer plaiting their hair. One may say that plaiting can be quite boring. Well if you plait your hair the same way for the rest of your life, of course it will be boring. There are so many plaits out there which are dying to be discovered and which extremely gorgeous. They can be styled in such a way that they look formal as well as informal. Some people find plaiting of hair rather complicated. Well here are the simple braids, which you can make on a regular basis. All you need to make these braids are first of all a paddle brush, for brushing your hair of course and see through elastics, for securing your hair at the end of the braid of plait.

1 Three Strand Braid:


This braid is rather the most common braid ever. Most of us used to make this braid to school. If you are one of those who says they haven’t ever made this braid, then my friend you are in a state of denial. If you are a girl with long hair, then there is basically no chance that you haven’t done this braid on your hair. You might not have done this yourself, but someone must have done it for you. This braid is the most simplest braid. The first step is to divide your hair into three parts. Make sure that the division of hair is equal. Then take the first division, over the second division and under the third division. After that take that part of the hair which has replaced the first division of hair and then take it over the strands which have taken over the second division and under the third division. Repeat this process, until you reach a little above the end. Secure your hair with a rubber band.

2 Four Strand Braid:

three strand

The Four Strand Braid is a brother to the three strand braid. One should try to make this braid only after one has gotten hold of the three strand braid. First, brush your hair with a paddle brush and bring them on to your left side. Then divide your hair into 4 parts. Make sure all 4 parts are equally divided; try to make them as equal as you can. To make it easier, number your strands from left to right. The one on the extreme left is strand 1, then strand 2, followed by strand 3 and one on the extreme right would be strand 4. Take Strand 1 and take it over strand 2 and under strand 3. Renumber your strands again from left to right order. After that, take the strand 4 bring it under strand 3 and over strand 2. Now do the same thing with strand 1. And follow the same procedure a few more times till the braid gains some length. Once you have braided your hair, secure it at the end with a rubber band or a hair tie. To add some volume in your hair, pull apart the strands of hair. This will make your braid look broader. While making the braid, make sure the numbering changes as you precede in the process of making the braid.

3 Five Strand Braid:


This one is rather less complicated than the four strand braid. The 5 strand braid looks a lot like 2 three strand braids stuck together. Always brush your hair before you start to braid it. Bring it to your side, any side. For instance bring it to your left side. After you are done brushing then divide your hair into 5 equal divisions. Always try to make them as equal as you can. For making this process simpler, number your strands from left to right. The next step is to put your 1st strand over the 2nd and under the third. Your first strand will now come in place of the third. After that, take your 5th strand and take it over the 4th and under the 3rd strand. Make sure your ordering of the number of the strands change as you precede further. Now again take the first strand over the second and under the third and the fifth, over the fourth and under the third. Continue doing this till you  a certain point and then secure the end of the braid with a rubber band.

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