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3 Classic Colors that always look Awesome


The Best color is the whole wide world is the one that looks best on you. Colors come in so many shades and it’s all upon us how we choose to wear and make a good combination. we will go through the 3 classic colors that always look awesome on anyone.
We should always choose a color that looks best on us. But some colors are always classic and will remain looking perfect any time you wear them.

1) BLACK: Is an all-time favourite for all females and males. Started by Audrey Hepburn it became a classic. If you have nothing to wear for a party a simple black dress will do all, just accessorise it with a pearl necklace or a purse.


2)WHITE: Anything white gives a rich look and a classy taste. White is simple but adds a good formal taste to the outfit. White Blazers, Skirts, Pants or Heels.


3) RED: Red is a Bold and beautiful color. Red is a symbol of love too. Youngsters love Red dresses and specially for evening parties Red is the best color to outshine! Red Gowns, Red Peplums, Red lipsticks, Red nail paints, etc. ALL make a lovely outfit and gives a glamourous look!


These three are basic colors which you can mix and match and form combinations too. Black goes well alone but you a pair black color with white or red as well. White can also act as your base for any other

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